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Yakezie Carnival: Money From Around the World Edition

money from around the world

This week I have the pleasure of hosting the Yakezie Carnival. The Yakezies are a group of up-and-coming personal finance bloggers who are working together to improve one another’s blogs and make some internet friends along the way.

I’ve always been interested in how countries handle money, so this week’s carnival will take a look at different currencies from around the world.

Enjoy some quality posts, and I hope you learn something about money you never knew before!

Euros – .74 = $1

Eliminate the Muda – Health Care For Kids When You Can’t Afford It!

Not Made of Money – How to Save Money When Buying Plane Tickets

Free From Broke – Home Costs To Consider

Money Help for Christians – Exploring Credit Card Fanaticism

Australian Dollars – 1.077 = $1

Learn Save Invest – Investing Isn’t About Being Sexy

The Millionaire Nurse Blog – Improve Your Money Management: 10 Reasons to Start Now!

Narrow Bridge – A Look at Personal Financial Statements

Little House in the Valley – Are Lazy People Dumb?

Chinese Yuan – 6.8 = $1

Financial Samurai – The Curse Of Making Too Much Money And Not Pursuing Your Dreams

Cool to be Frugal – Why the Waste?

Clarifinancial – Should You Buy Life Insurance at Work?

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – BFS Way to Diagnose Your Financial Health

Russia’s Rubles – 29.1 = $1

Personal Finance by the Book – Upcoming Tax Changes and What They Mean to You

Car Insurance Comparison – How to Find Cheap Car Insurance

Rainy Day Saver – Obsessive Personalities: Debt & Debt Repayment

Frugal Zeitgeist – A Budget Egypt Vacation

Malaysian Ringgits – 3.18 = $1

Evolution of Wealth – 7 Ways Permanent Life Insurance Isn’t Permanent

Canadian Finance Blog – Meet The Money Mavens Network

Money Reasons – Choose the perfect location to raise your family

One Money Design – Ways to Improve Your Finances (Part 1)

Japanese Yen – 94.2 = $1

Redeeming Riches – 5 Things Dora the Explorer Teaches Us About Personal Financial Planning

151 Days Off – Day 29: Who Wants to Live in a Small Tropical Island?

Deliver Away Debt –Newton’s First Law of Debt Reduction

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out next week’s carnival at Little House in the Valley!


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