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Why Your Pre-Flight Routine Should Change Thanks to Covid

Pre-COVID, you didn’t need to think that much about flying. Your only concerns were getting to the airport on time and making sure that you had your passport. However, we now live in a changed world.

This means that you may need to shake up your pre-flight routine a little bit. In some cases, your pre-flight routine may start days in advance

Let’s go through why your pre-flight routine should probably be switched up in the wake of COVID-19.

Check flight arrival requirements

If you are traveling overseas, you need to make it a habit to check the current travel requirements.

Some countries may require you to show proof of vaccination before they let you in. Some may let you in without vaccination, but you will need to demonstrate that you have received a negative COVID test.

Some countries may let you in, but you will need to head into quarantine. For example, most arrivals from the US that travel into the UK will need to be in quarantine for ten days…and they will check.

You must check flight arrival requirements regularly. They can change at a moment’s notice. Since some of the requirements may require you to pay a bit of extra cash (e.g., COVID tests), you can start to factor everything into the cost of your vacation.

Keep tabs on COVID outbreaks

You probably don’t want to head to areas going through massive COVID-19 outbreaks, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. Firstly, we can’t imagine that you want to get COVID-19. Remember, this is something that you can catch even if you are vaccinated. Vaccination will lower the chances of you catching it.
  2. The second reason is that if you head to a country amid a COVID outbreak, there will be some strict requirements when you return home. Many people have discovered that heading to a COVID hotspot, even when vaccinated, has resulted in them needing to quarantine for a lengthy period when they get back from their vacation.

Luckily, it isn’t too tricky to keep tabs on COVID outbreaks. The news will tell you if COVID cases are rising in certain countries. You may also start to see travel warnings.

In the days before your flight…

In the week leading up to your flight, you need to start looking at current requirements for heading to your destination. This will allow you to start booking any tests and gathering the documents that you need.

If you don’t do this, you may find that you are refused to board when you head to the airport. If you are allowed to board your flight, you may end up with some hefty fines when you land in your destination country. Some may even refuse entry and send you back home. This is going to be expensive.

You need to schedule more time at the airport 

Pre-COVID, many people were happy to head to the airport a couple of hours before their flight. Your routine needs to change here. You need to give yourself more time than usual.

Airports have fewer staff working. There are also a lot more checks going on at the airport. This means that checking in for flights and getting through security can take an absolute age. Give yourself time to get through all these checks-read more here.

Final word 

COVID-19 has wholly shaken up how we take our flights. Now, you often must plan for your flight days in advance. You need to schedule more time at the airport. You need to ensure that you have been vaccinated.

If your pre-flight routine doesn’t change, then you may not be able to fly as much as you did before.

Image by Jubair Bin Iqbal

Post Author: Lillia Hall

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