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Why You Should Consider Traveling by Train

Air travel and cruises are popular forms of travel. However, a trip by train can be more affordable and beautiful. 

This article will explore 5 reasons why you should consider train travel instead of a plane flight while planning your next vacation.

1. Traveling by Train is Easier

While fast and thus often very convenient, air travel can be a logistical nightmare. Traveling by train often removes all the complications associated with air travel. So, if you have enough time to get from point A to point B, this easiness might be worth it.

There are no restrictions on food or liquids, the number of bags you can bring is significantly reduced, and there are no restrictions on the dimensions of what you can bring. So, do you want to bring full-size body wash and shampoo bottles? Great! Come aboard!

And last but not least, you don’t need to go through complicated security screening, so there’s no need to arrive at the station 3 hours before the train departs.

2. Traveling by Train is More Comfortable

Do you start dreading the non-existent space between the seats when you buy your plane tickets? That’s not something you have to worry about with trains.

The train seats tend to be wide and comfortable, with plenty of leg space to accommodate long travel times. You’re always free to get up and walk around to stretch your legs if you get tired of sitting. And if you get hungry, there are dining cars with seats and tables that are much more comfortable than the small trays you get on the plane –read more here.

3. The Scenery is Often Worth It

Traveling to your destination via train means visiting more than one place on the way. Even if you don’t get to walk around, the scenery you get from the window is often an experience in and of itself.

If you’re traveling through multiple cities and aren’t in a hurry, you can even account for specific stops and plan a day-long trip in one of the cities you’ll be passing through and change trains by the end of the day (check the schedules, so that you don’t get stranded).

4. Train Travel is More Flexible and Comes with Less Hassle 

Unless you’re traveling to a wildly popular tourist destination at the peak of the tourist season, you aren’t likely to need to book your ticket in advance.

One of the best things about train travel is that you can adjust your plans at any moment, go to the station and get a ticket. And since trains often depart towards specific destinations multiple times a day, you’re likely to be able to travel on the very same day you decide to take the trip.

Mapping Megan has more great train travel information on their blog.

There’s another upside to traveling via train in Europe, the network is vast and very well-connected. 

You can adjust your plans on the fly with ease, often making abrupt stops and changing travel destinations at the drop of a hat. Of course, you’ll need a new ticket, and you’re very likely to arrive right at the station in less than five minutes.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, train tickets tend to be much cheaper (and usually bear set prices, meaning they don’t get more expensive as the departure time approaches) than plane tickets.

5. Traveling by Train is More Eco-Friendly

Are you an avid traveler who cares about the environment? If that’s the case, you might have gotten caught in a dilemma: how to cut down on your carbon footprint without giving up traveling.

Well, traveling by train is the answer you’ve been looking for. Taking a train trip means cutting down your portion of carbon dioxide emissions by half.

This might sound surprising if you’ve learned that trains are big carbon emitters, but the fact that often gets lost in the conversation is that trains are also built to carry many passengers. This keeps a train’s per capita emissions twice as low as a plane’s.

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Post Author: Lillia Hall

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