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Why Post-Pandemic Travel May Bring Back the Travel Agent


The pandemic wave has finally started to settle and life has become relatively normal. After tiring isolation and lockdowns all across the world, almost everyone is seeking to travel again. More and more people are booking tickets and are even willing to pay higher prices for their vacation. 

Travel agents are also in high demand as people are planning trips with great excitement, but great uncertainties still exist.

Everyone would find it extremely beneficial to have a travel agent in these strange times. After all, post-pandemic travel is very different from the traveling we once knew.

Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has had massive implications on people’s lives, their decisions, as well as their fears. Although restrictions are getting lifted, the fear regarding this deadly virus has not subsided yet. Every traveler should be cautious about the virus and its implications on their travel plans.

Turning to a travel agent for information regarding airlines and flight SOPs, hotel recommendations, and all stages of their travel, is very useful. The travel agent is a source of guidance that people can use to ensure a certain amount of safety. 

Different COVID-19 Protocols

Different countries all over the world have implemented specific policies for travelers coming in from different places.

There is a huge influx of information and rapidly changing rules and regulations as the infection rate is still rising and falling across the world. Quarantine restrictions are also being implemented for many tourists—Outside Magazine.

An IATA survey found that more than 80% of travelers are worried about quarantining restrictions in case they catch the virus while traveling. 

Last-minute flight cancellations, updates, and important resources are all being provided by travel agents who now have an increasingly important role in the industry. 

Travel Requirements

Travelers must prove that they are not contagious before getting on board. Proof has to be provided by a COVID test result document. In some cases, additional paperwork may also be necessary to be eligible for travel.

Clear communication regarding health, travel, and data insurance is also important. 

A travel agent will properly guide their client on all the requirements to apply for visas etc. In this way, travel agencies add a lot of value and ease to the entire traveling experience.

Human Interaction

Many people highlight that important information is available on the internet as all of our procedures have “gone digital.” Digitization has almost completely removed the necessity of having human help to facilitate these processes.

Although COVID made people accustomed to almost no human contact, it is still comforting to have human interaction, especially when making big traveling decisions.

This is where travel agents come into play and provide an important personal component to their journey.

In these changing times, travel agents have proved their worth and importance to travelers and are restoring confidence in people that traveling safely is possible.

Image by Gerrie van der Walt

Post Author: Lillia Hall

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