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What Is an Acceptable Travel Budget for Vietnam?

Vietnam Travel Budget

Best known for its unspoiled beaches and bustling cityscapes, Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing countries. It’s a prime destination for travelers looking to take an unforgettable vacation without breaking the bank and still offers a culturally diverse experience.

With tourism efforts set up by the government, it’s easy to see why more and more tourists are looking to make Vietnam their next holiday spot.

Thankfully, Vietnam remains a budget-friendly country to visit despite a rise in tourist numbers in recent years. So, whether you’re looking to go on a budget backpacker route or to splash some big bucks on a lavish vacation, there’s always something in store for you in Vietnam.

If you’re one of the holidaymakers out there, one of the most common things you may ask while planning your trip is, “How much would it cost for me to travel to Vietnam?”


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Well, let’s take you on a virtual journey as we explore the most acceptable travel budget when traveling to Vietnam. Do note that these prices are accurate at the point of writing and may change in the near future.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Vietnam?

Choosing a place to stay is important because you’ll need a good night’s rest to accomplish all you want to do the next day. In Vietnam, you’ll be spoiled for accommodation choices be it in any 5-star hotels in the city or some of the exotic coastal bungalows— read more here.

Depending on your travel style, here’s how much you should expect your accommodation to cost in Vietnam:

  • Hostels, per person, per night: $7 – $63
  • Hotel room per night: $14 – $127

Of course, if you’re traveling as a group, Vietnam also offers accommodation selections such as holiday homes so you can all stay together via Airbnb or Verbo. This allows you to split the cost among a larger group, bringing down the cost of your lodging depending on the number of people you’re sharing with.

How Much Should I Spend On Food and Drinks in Vietnam?

While you’re out traveling in Vietnam, the one offering that never disappoints is the food. In Vietnam, you will find that the streets are lined with vendors with all the delicacies you could imagine. Our recommendation is to skip the fancy eateries and enjoy the local fare.

You may however have to enjoy most of your meals by the street or take a squat on the low stools offered by little restaurants serving authentic dishes. Better yet, you could also visit any of the local Vietnamese markets and eat your way as you go. By doing this, you’ll be able to save and still enjoy a whole lot of Vietnam. Here’s a gauge of how much you should spend on food and drinks in Vietnam:

  • Food and snacks: $3.89 – $22 a day
  • Beer or any other alcoholic beverages: $1.77 – $11 a day

Do note that while you’re in Vietnam, breakfast prices are usually much lower than those of lunch and dinner. Some of the meals you cannot miss out on include items such as a bowl of pho or the local banh mi specialties. Be sure to wash them down with any of the local craft beers available or pick up a cup of Vietnamese coffee along your way.

How Much Do I Have to Pay for Tours in Vietnam?

If you’re unsure about traveling alone in Vietnam, the good news is that there are tour companies aplenty that can take you around town for a fee. These tours usually cover items such as your accommodation rates, transit fees including domestic flights, overnight buses, and boat cruises, as well as any tourist attraction entrance fees.

Depending on the type of experience you’re looking for, these tours can cost between $1,130 to $1,615 per family with a minimum of 2 people. These trips can take between 9 to 13 days and often visit many cities in Vietnam.

For single travelers or couples who wish to take on a free and easy trip, Vietnam is easy to maneuver. Ride-hailing services are available and if you’re visiting the larger cities, the locals can converse in basic English. To make the most of your trip, do expect to fork out between $2.23 to $22 on transportation to move about the city. This should include rides on trains, buses, or cabs. If you’re looking to also enjoy some sightseeing, you should budget in extra expenses ranging between $3 to $32 on items such as entrance tickets to museums or shows.

Final Thoughts: Is It Expensive to Visit Vietnam?

In conclusion, we wouldn’t classify a trip to Vietnam as an expensive vacation. Most of your trip can be done at a budget and still be highly enjoyable. This is especially if you’re open to immersing yourself into local culture and enjoy Vietnam as the Vietnamese do — including having your meals by the roadside, traveling on motorbikes, and staying in hostels.

Here’s a breakdown of an overall acceptable travel budget is for a trip to Vietnam:

If you’re on a budget trip:

  • Accommodation: $7 – $14 a night
  • Food and drinks: $6 a day
  • Extras such as taxis, tips, and attraction entrance fees: $7
  • Total expenses per day: $20 – $30

If you’re on a luxury trip:

  • Accommodation: $63 – $127 a night
  • Food and drinks: $40 a day
  • Extras such as taxis, tips, and attraction entrance fees: $70
  • Total expenses per day: $150 – $250

It’s good to note however that these expenses don’t include souvenirs, so be sure to bring a little extra money if you’re hoping to bring home a slice of Vietnam with you on your travels.

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