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Ways to Save While Traveling with Pets

It’s no secret that traveling with a pet is as much fun as it can be stressful. However, if you’ve never done it before or aren’t prepared, it can be a truly daunting task. It can also be costly.

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can save while exploring the world’s greatest cities with your furry friend.

How to travel with pets and save

Avoid hotels

Hotels are many people’s go-to solution for accommodation while they’re away from home. However, if you have a pet, you’d likely find more benefit from ditching the idea of a hotel. Instead, opt for a rental home, a cabin, or a condo instead of paying for a hotel stay.

Often, these alternative accommodations are pet-friendly and cheaper than staying at a large hotel chain.

Alternatively, you and your pet could consider camping or staying in an RV, if you like the outdoors.

Double-check your carrier

Airlines have stipulations on which kind of animal carriers can be brought onboard. For example, they must be a specific size and a certain weight, and if the one you use is over the limit for either factor, you’ll have to buy one from the airline itself, which can be very costly.

Before you fly, be sure to check that your carrier is up to par and will be admissible on board. This will help to avoid paying any fees that could have been avoided by a bit of pre-planning – click here to read more.

Use your vehicle

If you can at all manage it, we’d also recommend using your vehicle to get yourself and your pet from point A to point B. Even when it means six plus hours of driving, why? Because airlines and public transportation services such as long-haul buses are known for charging extra fees for traveling with pets, which, of course, you likely already know.

Using your vehicle is also beneficial for saving money because if your pet gets sick in the car, you won’t be charged for cleaning fees or maintenance on top of the initial charge.

Sign up for frequent flier miles

If you frequently use airlines to travel with your pet, why not sign up for a frequent flier program tailored explicitly to pet owners? It may sound hard to believe, but several airlines offer rewards to pet owners. By using these airlines and services, you can save money on pet-friendly travel and accommodation later down the line.

Be prepared

It’s genuinely unique how much money being prepared can save you. So, when traveling with your pet, the situation is no exception to the rule.

You can save substantial amounts by being prepared. For example, bringing your pet’s regular food with you instead of trusting that you’ll be able to find it in stores wherever you’re going because, if you can’t, then you will not only have to spend money on food that your dog won’t use again after you return home, but you might also have to spend money to clean up after your pet when their stomach reacts poorly to different food.

Investing in vehicle safety for your pet

While buying a pet harness or seat belt for your upcoming road trip seems like a waste of money and can be expensive, it’s easy to skip this step. However, if you’re trying to save money, you’d be wise to consider how much you’ll be spending if you get pulled over and fined for not having your pet safely strapped into your vehicle. Read to learn more about how to protect your pet in the car.

In addition, should your pooch decide that they want to lay under your feet while you’re driving, they can inadvertently cause an accident. This would cost you an indeterminate amount of money, not to mention potentially ruining your trip. 

When you think about it, there are a whole host of ways that you could save money when traveling with your best friend. But by investing in safety for your pet, being prepared, using your vehicle, skip the hotel, making sure you have the correct carrier, and utilizing frequent flier programs for pet owners, you can save a significant amount during your next vacation.

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