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Unusual Hotels Across the United States

With thousands of places to stay in every corner of the United States, choosing one that perfectly suits you can be daunting. However, if your tastes run quirky or odd, there is a fantastic range of interesting, unusual, and downright unique hotels for you to choose from.

This list provides seven of the United States’ most unusual hotels. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a trainspotter, a dog-lover, or an underwater enthusiast; there is something here for you.

Kokopelli’s Cave, New Mexico

To access this quirky and inviting bed and breakfast, guests descend the vertical cliff face using a 70-foot set of stairs. They find themselves about 300 feet above New Mexico’s picturesque La Plata River Valley.

Bruce Black, a geologist, blasted a circular cavern with several bedrooms out of the rock. The cavern is about 1,700 square feet and has a bedroom, living room, and fully stocked kitchen.

You can sit on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful desert landscape with spectacular views of the valley below. And when you’re ready for a wash, you can enjoy the waterfall shower or luxurious jacuzzi.

The room costs $340 for a single night’s stay, and you can pay $50 per additional person (maximum of eight guests).

You will pay $290 per night and an additional $50 per person for more than a night’s stay.

If Kokopelli’s Cave seems like your type of hotel, you will need to plan accordingly. Unfortunately, it is closed between December and February each year due to the weather.

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Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Idaho’s famous Dog Bark Park Inn is about as quirky as it gets! When you spend the night, not only are you sleeping inside the world’s largest beagle, but you can enjoy dog-themed pillows, books, puzzles, and even the hotel’s famous home-baked cookies!

For the pleasure of this unique experience, you will pay $158 per night for two people (with an additional 8% state tax). This includes a delicious, homemade breakfast of Prairie’s Best Fruited Granola and a variety of cheeses, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, bagels, and homemade pastries.

There is a minimum two-night stay, and you will pay an extra $14 per additional person and $20 per well.

Villa Casa Casuarina, Florida

Miami’s Villa Casa Casuarina was the last home of famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. Better known as the Versace Mansion, Gianni bought the opulent building in 1992 and, sadly, he was sadly murdered on its front steps just five years later.

Decked in Versace’s signature outlandish style, it is a luxury boutique hotel, restaurant, and event venue. There are ten bedrooms sprawled across three stories, and you can even choose to spend the night in ‘Gianni’s Suite,’ where Versace himself slept.

You’ll enjoy hand-painted frescoes, a fountain, hand-carved wooden doors, mosaics, Italian marble, and a swimming pool lined with 24-carat gold!

A night’s stay will cost $854 for a mid-week booking and $1,899 for a Saturday night.

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The Red Caboose Motel and Restaurant, Pennsylvania

You don’t have to love trains to enjoy a stay at Pennsylvania’s famous Red Caboose Motel.

Surrounded by picturesque Amish farms, this quirky hotel bursts with an old-world atmosphere and the charm of days gone by.

For a stay in one of the motel’s cabooses, you will pay between $79 and $130 per twin share, depending on the time of year. Make sure you enjoy a meal at Casey Jones’ recommended on-site restaurant.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

When you arrive at the Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida’s Key Largo, you don SCUBA gear and head underwater to check into your submerged room. But don’t worry if you don’t have your SCUBA certification. The Lodge offers their Discover Scuba Diving course for $125 per person.

 You can access Wi-Fi to update your Instagram feed or Zoom in real-time with your family and friends to share this unique experience when you’re down below.

A night underwater will set you back $900 for a single, $1,350 for a double, $2,250 for four guests, and $3,487.50 for six guests. But don’t worry. Your pizza dinner order will be delivered hot and fresh by one of the Lodge’s SCUBA diving staff to ensure you don’t go hungry!

Angad Arts Hotel, Missouri

This new hotel in St. Louis, a self-styled ‘incubator for the arts,’ is a unique accommodation option for art-lovers. You choose to stay in a red, yellow, blue, or green room based on your emotional state. Red is empowered, blue is free, green is rejuvenated, and yellow is curious.

Every day, the hotel offers a curated tour of the hotel’s current exhibits, colorful rooms, and public art spaces.

Every day, the hotel gives a guided tour of its current exhibits, colorful rooms, and public art spaces.

The cost of your stay ranges in price from $179 for a king room to $1,169 for a grand king suite.

Cherry Wood Teepee Lodging, Washington State

For those who enjoy getting close to nature, this bed and breakfast offers traditional, 22-foot-high teepees for you and your furry friends to spend the night.

Set amidst the Yakima Valley working farm, the accommodation is dog and horse friendly, and it operates as a nonprofit organization devoted to saving neglected and abused horses.

For a Friday night stay (with a minimum of two nights), you’ll pay $540 plus tax, which includes a tasty charcuterie board for breakfast and free use of the amazing twilight bathtubs.

You will pay $290 for a single night’s stay and continental breakfast for other weeknights.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself or your budget, there are unusual hotels all over the United States. This list provides a snapshot of some of the most peculiar, fun, and fascinating ones that you can enjoy with your pets, family, and friends.

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Photo by [Andrea Piacquadio].

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