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Traveling Advice from the Pros | Best Tips from Travel Bloggers

travel tips from bloggers

Traveling is something we all enjoy. Ski resorts, white beaches, or exploring a medieval city—it’s all gravy, baby!

Did you know though, that the most popular travel bloggers suggest ways and tricks that can make every trip you take even more unique and memorable? Here are some tips for your next trip.

Instagram: Your New Travel Guide

Yes, Instagram can be very useful during and before traveling. Many people use it to discover local travel bloggers and see what they post and suggest visiting their city.

It is also useful to follow pages that promote a city and provide useful information for those who visit the city/place for the first time.

You can also find a certain place you want to visit on Instagram, see pictures, and learn about it to plan better. Also, you can find many events that are happening in that city and follow the corresponding pages for a while.

Furthermore, especially on Instagram, you can find the most picturesque places in the city you are planning to visit. If you are a photographer or you just love taking pictures, this will help you a lot. 

Good Food, Good Mood!

Good food should be your priority when traveling. Especially if you are visiting a place where the local cuisine is quite different and unique.

Take time to research and find good restaurants that also have good ratings and comments.

There are always neighborhoods that have taverns and small restaurants with good dishes. Also, in these off-the-beaten-path restaurants, you might be able to eat the local food exactly as it is. Usually, the more commercial restaurants tend to change a few of their dishes to be more palatable to Western tourists. 

More Travel Blogs

If you have enough time to plan your trip, you should read a travel blog. Travel bloggers visit a lot of places and often promote affordable solutions. Also, another advantage is that you get to read their reactions and their impressions of every place they visit.

It is also very useful to read how they plan their trips. 

Also, in travel blogs, you can get complete information about: accommodations, restaurants, museums, local events, financial advice, potential extra expenses, and transportation.

Do Not Overthink It

If you are a person who likes to plan everything, you might be hurting your trip.

It is very good to have a general list or a rough plan of what you want to see, but the meaning of traveling is not seeing everything and taking pictures. It is an amazing experience…So, feel free to “get lost” in the neighborhoods…Explore!

So, before planning your next trip take into consideration all of the points above and I am sure you will be fine! Remember that good trips are those in which we “lose ourselves” and we forget the “punctuality” of the routine.

Image by Ibrahim Rifath

Post Author: Lillia Hall

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