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Top Five Most Luxurious European Hotels

The top five most luxurious European hotels include Belmond La Residencia (Mallorca, Spain), Le Meurice (Paris, France), Grace Hotel Santorini (Santorini Island, Greece), The Dolder Grand (Zurich, Switzerland), and The Gritti Palace (Venice, Italy).

There are many more than these five, but the ones featured below are ones you must visit at least once in a lifetime.


  1. Mallorca, Spain – Belmond La Residencia
  2. Paris, France – Le Meurice
  3. Santorini Island, Greece – Grace Hotel Santorini
  4. Zurich, Switzerland – The Dolder Grand
  5. Venice, Italy – The Gritti Palace

Mallorca, Spain – Belmond La Residencia

Belmond La Residencia in Mallorca, Spain, provides the perfect getaway for a posh hotel less than 45 minutes away from the airport. Resting between the Tramuntana mountains has a breathtaking view for relaxation and tranquility. It’s peaceful and picturesque.

This used to be a compound of several stone manor houses, transformed into a hotel comprising 71 rooms and suites. You can cruise the mountains and enjoy the scenic view, go on a two-hour sailing adventure, take a ride in a hot air balloon, or jump on a helicopter.

The whole place appears right out of a page from history. It’s rustic yet modern and artistic with a medieval feel. The ambiance lends itself to art, as inspired by the surrounding landscape. Indeed, the hotel features works of art by local artists. Per night, prices begin at $588. Click on the link to learn more.

Paris, France – Le Meurice

The city of Paris is teeming with high-end luxury hotels, but Le Meurice offers jaw-dropping opulence reminiscent of the 18th and 19th centuries. Even Salvador Dalí frequented this place. There are 160 rooms, a fine-dining restaurant, and stunning views of the Jardin des Tuileries. It’s close to the Louvre as well.

The hotel has undergone several renovations. King Alphonse XIII of Spain saw fit to stay here after their 1907 renovation. Also, the famous Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, visited the hotel twice in 1879. For one night in this lap of luxury, prices begin at around $920.

Santorini, Greece – Grace Hotel Santorini

If you want a luxury hotel in a remote island location with sophistication and style, check out Grace. Nestled in the Aegean archipelago of Greece, the hotel is gorgeous and lavish as it spills down the hillside. With only 14 total rooms, prices begin at around $785 per night.

Classic Greek white-washed walls, pillow-top mattresses, private pools, and king-sized beds offer luxurious comfort to guests. It also has one of the most impressive heated plunge pools in the region and awe-inspiring views of the Aegean Sea. Check out this review from A Luxury Travel Blog to learn more about palatial hotels.

Zurich, Switzerland – The Dolder Grand

The palatial experience offered at The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Switzerland, burgeons with fairytale magic and wonder for travelers. Built in 1899, it was first a spa retreat. But, it became a hotel after extensive renovations by 2004. There are 173 rooms with a 4,000 square foot spa.

It’s been around for so long, and there isn’t enough room to list all the celebrities and famous personalities who have visited here. But, one worth mentioning is the notorious American film star, Betty Davis.

The majestic and regal appearance of the hotel looks like a fairytale castle that towers over Zurich’s city center. There’s a nine-hole golf course and a deep forest with a marvelous view of the Alps. Guests can go ice skating on the hotel’s rink in the winter or swim in the summer. Learn more about this fabulous hotel from The Luxury Travel Expert.

Venice, Italy – The Gritti Palace

Of course, no collection of luxury hotels would be complete without something from Venice. The Gritti Palace has 82 rooms and a beautiful view of Venice’s iconic Grand Canal. It has 15th-century terrazzo floors and Murano glass chandeliers, providing a luxurious experience. Ernest Hemingway and Peggy Guggenheim both frequented this hotel. The prices start at about $639.


Décor TypeRustic yet modernly artistic with a medieval feel18th and 19th Century style décor with a focus on artClassic Greek white-washed walls and blue roofsOld world meets modern flair; fairytale-like castle façade15th Century with Murano glass chandeliers and terrazzo floors
Number of Rooms711601417382
CelebritiesUnknown but features art from local artistsSalvador Dalí, King Alphonse XIII, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky UnknownBetty DavisErnest Hemingway, Peggy Guggenheim
Price per Night$588$920$785$920$639


Taking a trip to Europe is always a fantastic voyage. But staying in a luxurious hotel will make the experience much more swanky and ostentatious.

If you ever visit any of these great locations mentioned above, be sure to stay for a night at one of the hotels. You’ll splurge, but it will be worth every penny. For more travel tips, read here.

Photo by [Asad Photo Maldives]

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