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The Top 5 Off-the-Grid Travel Destinations That You Can Visit

In today’s increasingly connected world, it’s hard to plan a getaway where you can step away from your electronics and recharge. In the past few years, online searches for unplugged retreats have skyrocketed.

From zero cell service and remote locations to luxury glamping destinations designed to help you connect with nature, here are some of the best getaways to inspire your next digital detox vacation.

Check out these top 5 off-the-grid global destinations where you can unplug and relax. 

1.    Lapa Rios Ecolodge – Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

You won’t even miss your cell phone when you stay in one of these eco-friendly and sustainable bungalows on the Osa Peninsula.

Surrounded by the background rainforest sounds of cicadas, crickets, and kinkajous, you’ll have the option to bask in the lush flora, enjoy a spa treatment, dive into the pool, or close your eyes for a luxury nap in a swaying hammock.

Hike through the rainforest to watch sleepy three-toed sloths dangling from tree branches or spot spider monkeys, howlers, squirrels, or capuchins frolicking through the trees.

Whatever your choice for your stay, this retreat offers an opportunity to have an immersive, unplugged experience.

2.    Wild Dunes Resort – Charleston, South Carolina

If you want to spend some time away from the digital world, the Wild Dunes Resort has a new Digital Detox Retreat.

Located right on the Isle of Palms, just thirty minutes away from downtown Charleston’s historic center, restaurants, and shopping scene, the Wild Dunes Resort is a chance to soak in the peace of Lowcountry tides and sunsets.

During this three-night retreat, visitors are encouraged to set aside their phones to enjoy activities such as outdoor events and soothing spa treatments designed to nourish your body and mind.

Follow the link for more information.

3.    Taos Goji Eco-Lodge – Taos, New Mexico

These turn-of-the-century historic log cabins offer forest views, spotty Wi-Fi, and practically no cellular service. They are nestled high in New Mexico’s breathtaking the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Suppose you’re thirsting for an off-grid retreat. In that case, you’ll be excited by the eco lodge’s wood-burning stoves and on-site taste of nature, including organic goji berries, fruit trees, vegetable patches, and free-range chickens, goats, and alpaca.

You’re also in good company if you’re looking for an unplugged writing retreat. These early-twentieth-century cabins hosted great writers such as D. H. Lawrence and Aldous Huxley.

The Taos air and its proximity to nature inspire relaxation and creativity.

4.    Glamping Getaway Goblin Valley Yurts – Emery, Utah

If glamping rather than camping off the grid is more your style, check out these heated and cooled luxury yurts available year-round at Goblin Valley State Park in Southern Utah.

You can reserve a tan, domed yurt at the campground, complete with a porch, living space, a double bed, and a futon that blends into the desert landscape.

Remember to bring a flashlight, electric camping lamps, or candles since the yurt is off-grid and without electricity.

This certified dark-sky park offers a spectacular chance for stargazing. You can also wander through the towering rock formations in the Valley of Goblins or get more active by canyoneering down into the steep caves at Goblin’s Lair.

5.    Three Camel Lodge – Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

If you’re looking for the ultimate unplugged experience, head to the Three Camel Lodge deep in the heart of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

You’ll find yourself almost 300 miles away from the nearest Wi-Fi connection at the remote eco-lodge.

Surrounded by immense plains, stare into starlit skies while enjoying traditional Mongolian cuisine and wine in the hotel or a circular, lattice-wood luxury yurt. Covered by felt and canvas, these yurts are reminiscent of the tents used by nomadic herders in the Gobi Desert for thousands of years. Visitors are offered modern amenities such as slippers, a private bathroom, and heating.  

Here, you can disconnect from your electronics and connect with nature at the world’s end. Explore the nearby desert, mountains, and springs while looking for local Bactrian camel herds. 

In addition, you can try camel milk lotion and horse stables, go on wildlife tours, and get to know the warm and friendly local culture if you want an unforgettable, unplugged adventure.

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Photo by [De Lemster Krant]

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