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The Best Affordable Brewery Tours Across the Country

Best Brewery Tours

Brewery tours are on the rise. They differ from your traditional night out in that you get first-taste access to some of the country’s best beers and ales all in one place. Plus, you get to go to some of the most beautiful hotspots the country has to offer!

Brewery tours are mini-breaks in themselves and they are a little more upmarket than your usual bar crawl. They attract beer and ale connoisseurs as well as the average drinker who wants to sip a pint while learning about how it is made.

Below are our favorite brewery tours available right now.

Bells Brewery

Colorado has lots to offer those who travel through it, but one stop you must make is to Bell’s Brewery.

Bells is one of the oldest craft breweries in the entire country. It has humble beginnings, a whole heap of history, and visitors are welcome to tour its entire production line from fermentation to packaging.

The tour offers complimentary samples of course! And visitors at both the Comstock and Kalamazoo breweries are welcomed free of charge.

  • All tours are free.

Boulevard Brewing Co.

Looking for a brewery company that’s open at short notice? Boulevard Brewing Co. offers tours all year round, every day of the week.

Their tours are free on Wednesdays and include access to the brewery, a tour of all the facilities, a walk through the beer-making process, and, of course, a spin around the tasting room!

But, if you want a more detailed tour, opt for the weekend-only Unfiltered Tour that gives you off-limits access to exclusive areas, or the Smokestack Tour, which includes beer tasting sessions with food included too!

  • Weekday Tours (Incl. x4 5oz samples): $10
  • Unfiltered and Smokestack Weekend Tours (Including food and Build-Your-Own Sampling from 24 taps): $15

Riip Beer Co.

If your after a more chilled vibe with your beer, check out Riip Beer at Huntingdon Beach, California. Winner of the 2016 Great American Beer Festival, their Super-Cali IPA is a fantastic beer with zesty orange undertones and a biscuity malt base.

Riip Beer offers a full craft brewery tour, complete with all the trimmings. They also host special events and a dedicated tasting room. An ideal place to cool off and refresh those taste buds.

Sit back and sip a smooth one by the sea with the ‘Get Riiped’ IPA brewery tour and enjoy the full package that Surf City has to offer, with stunning beaches and outdoor sports activities.

  • Standard Tours with Sampling: Free

7 Devils Brewing

If you find yourself in Coos Bay Oregon, don’t hesitate to drop by 7 Devils Brewing for a family fun day out at 7 Devils.

Don’t let the name put you off. This is a family brewery that even welcomes furry four-legged friends.

7 Devils started as a couple of married homebrewers who slowly grew their business and their family to establish an impressive 7 barrel system brewery in the beautiful coastal town in Oregon.

7 Devils even play host to music events throughout the year. So why not time your visit and finish off your brewery tasting tour with a live music gig for all the family to enjoy?

  • Standard Tour with Tasting: $8
  • Tour with Tasting and Food: $13

Stone Brewing

Visit the King of Craft at Stone Brewing in Richmond, VA.

Stone Brewing is the flagship brewery of Richmond Production and it has one of the most advanced brewing facilities around.

This is a great tour for those deep in brewing knowledge and who want to see how the good stuff is made.

Learn all about brewing science and finish the informative tour with a complimentary tasting session and free souvenir glass.

  • Standard tours with complimentary drink and glass – $8
  • Adults not wishing to drink (including under 21’s) – $1


There are hundreds of great brewery tours available across the US. Narrowing it down to just these 5 was no easy feat!

That being said, we chose these because we are confident that they will give you the best all-around experience, and they can cater to almost every budget—read more on this here.

Why not check out other local breweries and make a whole weekend of it? Your brewery options are endless. They are a great day or weekend out for all the family – without breaking the bank.

And for those craft beer hobbyists, you will always learn and taste something new at any of these breweries or their sister breweries across the country.

No matter your craft beer knowledge level, there’s something for everyone when you choose to spend a day at your local brewery.

Image by Meritt Thomas.

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