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Most Affordable Beach Destinations in the US

It’s possible to take an inexpensive trip to the beach if you plan for cheap hotels, bring your own food to cook, and visit during off-peak seasons. You can also start by visiting these top 5 most affordable beach towns in the US.

  • Gulf Shores, Alabama
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Cape May, New Jersey
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • South Padre Island, Texas

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores is a beautiful city located in southern Alabama. The town is situated on the Gulf of Mexico, offering stunning views and a variety of activities for residents and visitors alike. Gulf Shores is known for its pristine beaches, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. 

The city also offers a variety of Venetian boat tours, which provide an up-close look at the local wildlife. In addition, Gulf Shores is home to several museums and art galleries, and many restaurants and cafes.

Vacationing on a budget in Gulf Shores, Alabama, is possible and there are plenty of activities and attractions that won’t break the bank. One excellent option is to spend a day at one of the area’s many public beaches. Gulf Shores offers miles of sandy shoreline, and visitors can find plenty of spots to spread a beach towel and relax. 

For those looking for a little more excitement, there are also plenty of opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Gulf Shores is also home to several state parks that offer hiking trails, picnic areas, and opportunities to see wildlife. 

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a resort city in South Carolina known for its long stretches of sandy beaches, extensive golf courses, and vibrant nightlife. The city is situated at the northeastern end of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of beaches along the Atlantic Coast. 

Myrtle Beach is beloved by visitors from all over the world for its many attractions, including Broadway at the Beach, an entertainment complex with shops, restaurants, and live entertainment; Ripley’s Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the country; and Family Kingdom Amusement Park, which features more than 30 rides.

Although it is known for its luxury resorts and golf courses, it is possible to vacation on a budget in Myrtle Beach. There are several ways to save money, from choosing accommodation carefully to eating cheaply. One of the best ways to save money is to book your accommodation in advance. 

Many resorts offer discounts for early bookings, and several websites offer deals on last-minute bookings. Another way to save money is by eating cheaply. Myrtle Beach has many inexpensive restaurants, and many hotels offer discounted rates for guests who eat at their facilities. 

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Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, New Jersey, is a beautiful seaside town well-known for its Victorian architecture. Visitors can enjoy the town’s many historic mansions, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants. Cape May is also home to several beaches, including the famous Cape May Point State Park Beach. 

In addition to its natural beauty, Cape May is also a great place to enjoy various activities, from whale and bird watching to fishing and golfing. So, whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an exciting adventure, Cape May has something to offer everyone.

The town offers a variety of affordable lodging options, including camping and hostels. Additionally, there are several free or low-cost activities to enjoy, such as visiting the Cape May Lighthouse or walking around the beach. By planning ahead and doing some research, it is possible to enjoy a wonderful vacation without breaking the bank.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Virginia Beach is located in the southeastern United States, on the Atlantic coast. It is the most populous city in Virginia and the 41st most populous city. The city is home to a large number of military personnel and a growing tourist industry. Virginia Beach is known for its beaches, boardwalk, and proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. 

The city also has historic sites, including the Cape Henry Lighthouse and the First Landing Cross. In addition, Virginia Beach has become a popular destination for weddings and conventions in recent years. As a result, the city’s economy has been growing rapidly. Virginia Beach is an exciting and diverse city with something to offer everyone.

One way to save money is to visit during the off-season, from mid-September to early November and from January to March. Rates for hotels and vacation rentals are typically lower during these times. You can also take advantage of discounts on dining and attractions.

 Another way to save money is to look for free or discounted activities. For example, Virginia Beach offers many free events throughout the year, such as concerts and festivals.

South Padre Island, Texas

Although South Padre Island is a popular spring break destination, it is also possible to vacation here on a budget. One way to save money is to stay in a less expensive hotel or motel instead of a resort. 

Another option is to camp at one of the many RV parks in the area. Additionally, several restaurants offer discounts for visitors who show their hotel key cards. Many activities on the island, such as fishing and swimming, are free. Others, such as parasailing and jet skiing, can be rented at a discount if you book in advance.

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