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Carnival of Money Stories #49 – The Sakura Spring Edition

money in hand in front of sakura blossoms

Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories!

This week we’re celebrating spring in Japan and the beautiful sakura (cherry blossoms) which are the hit of the season.

I hope you enjoy some sakura pictures and facts, and of course, some insightful money stories from over 20 great bloggers!

Most Japanese schools have a sakura tree on grounds for good luck

Life Tuner – Why Healthy and Young Need Life Insurance

The Writer’s Coin – Becoming First Time Homebuyers

PT Money – 5 Ways the Library Can Save You Money

Personal Finance Analyst – It’s the Grocery Game and I’m Actually Interested

The Japanese enjoy Hanami in the spring with friends and family; the custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers

The Life of a Insurance Salesperson – Worst Salesperson Ever, Strikes Again at Verizon

Young and Thrifty – Cohabitation Agreements and Living Together Common Law: What you Need to Know

Balance Junkie – 2010 Financial Plan: Q1 Update

The Dough Roller – I Was Audited by the IRS!

Sakura start blossoming in Okinawa in January and arrive north in Hokkaido by the end of April

The Bigger Pockets Blog – Manslaughter and a Crackhouse: How My Husband Became a Real Estate Investor

The Orange Paper – 10 Money Tips for a Holiday Abroad

Free Money Finance – Gold Dollar Coins Not Treated as Cash Advance on My Credit Card

Frugal Dad – How I Saved $2,500 By Ignoring My Inner 5-year old

The Japanese Meteorological Agency tracks the path of the sakura for the public

Good Financial Cents – How to Make Interest on Your IRA

Funny About Money – Hidden Costs of Illness or Injury

My Dollar Plan – Which Is Your Favorite Discount Broker?

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – Want a Raise? Got These Traits?

Japan gave the U.S. 3,020 cherry trees in 1912 as a sign of friendship

Learn Save Invest – Benefits of a Pension Plan

The Digerati Life – Does the Economy Affect How You Save Money?

Personal Finance By the Book – A Prisoner Raises the “Serving Others” Bar

Dinks Finance – You Don’t Have To Be Ready – Just Go

There are over 200 varieties of sakura in Japan

Budgets are Sexy – Your Take: Who Pays the $200?

Christian PF – Buying Groceries in Bulk: The Hidden Dangers

The Consumer Boomer – How to Choose the Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Money Help for Christians – Credit Cards vs. Cash: Do I Really Spend More With Credit?


That’s it for this edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. If you’re interested in hosting a future Carnival of Money Stories, submit your site today.

Remember, submissions for next week’s carnival at Buxr are due Sunday at 5 EST.

Thanks to the blogs for some great content and the readers for hanging out and enjoying the scenery!

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