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FF TV Episode #4: My Credit Cards

collage of credit cards

Today I’ll show you the 3 credit cards I use. I hope this can do a couple of things for you:

1) Make you think about what kind of credit cards you want in your life.

2) Learn a little about the importance of a credit card in your credit score (which relates to mortgages, car loans, etc.)

3) Show you that money mistakes are ok.

Enjoy the video and let me know what types of credit cards you use and would recommend in the comments below!

[If you can’t view click here to go to the video page]

[:25] –  Why I’m showing you my credit cards.

[:53] –  Card #1: Harris Bank, opened in 2007. This card’s a little underwhelming.

[1:22] – Why credit cards are important to your credit score.

[1:53] –  Card #2: Discover Card, opened in 2008. Too many rewards and options.

[2:46] – Card #3: Charles Schwab Invest First, opened in 2009. 2% back across the board.

[3:30] – Why I like cash back instead of a rewards card.

Don’t forget to tell us what credit cards you have, love, and hate in the comments below. Help out the readers who are looking for a card!

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