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How to Save When Eating Out on Vacation

Vacationing is wonderful, but it is so easy to overspend. When everything is new to you, you’ll end up walking most of the day to see and experience as much as you can, and this builds up an appetite. Eating out doesn’t have to be so expensive, though, and that’s the subject of our article today.

So, let’s look at how to save when eating out on vacation.

Eat at Restaurants that Locals Like

One of the best ways to save money while eating out is to ask around and find places locals like to eat. While they will undoubtedly be less flashy than the restaurants designed to lure tourists, you can get a taste of authentic local food, and it will often be half-priced.

You may have to go a little farther out of your area, if you are in a tourist hotspot, but even with cab fare, the prices will generally be much lower than you can expect during the tourist season in a busy location. Click the link to learn more.

Street Food Picnics

A fun way to eat out and find some of the best food is to let everyone pick out some street food, and then take it to a stunning location for a picnic. You get the experience of eating out since you didn’t have to cook, and street food is often delicious.

The trick is to scout ahead at lunchtime to see where the biggest lines of locals are. This is a fail safe way to determine where the food will be the most authentic, inexpensive, and made to the local tastes!

Eat Out for Lunch Instead of Dinner

Eating out at lunch is often significantly cheaper than it is at dinner. You can take advantage of this by spoiling yourself and your family at lunch in a restaurant that you like and save a bundle this way. As a bonus, if you eat a heavy meal at lunch, you can eat something light at dinner and still feel full.

This strategy is also a great fit if you explore the local nightlife and enjoy sleeping in a little. Give it a try, and you’ll see – you can save a lot of cash with this easy little trick.

Order Things that Everyone Can Share

An essential part of travel is trying new foods, and you can save a bit by ordering fewer plates of food and sharing what you do order. Everyone gets a taste of a few different types of foods this way.

Additionally, because you are eating a lighter meal, you won’t feel the need to go home and nap. Instead, you’ll be ready to get out and explore some more. Read more on how to save.

Weekdays are Often Cheaper than Weekends

Just as lunch is a lot cheaper than dinner, weekdays are less popular than weekends for eating out, and you can often find some deals this way. Ask around to find out which local restaurants offer specials on certain days and make yourself a list.

That way, you’ll have some additional lower-cost options so that you can eat out more or put aside what you save for some souvenirs or attraction fees.

Take Advantage of Your Hotel’s Hot Breakfast

Many hotels will offer a hot breakfast as part of your room rate, and if you have selected one of these, you should take advantage of it!

While you’ll have to wake yourself up during a specific time window, you can have a yummy breakfast and a pleasant dining experience, and it is already part of your room costs.

You could skip that complimentary breakfast, but it’s not a good idea – you’ll wake up hungry, and we don’t make the best decisions when we are in that state. Wake up during breakfast hours and take advantage of the complimentary breakfast. Sometimes it’s pretty nice, and after all – you’ve already paid for it!

Don’t Forget about Buffets

Buffets are everywhere, and they give you a chance to fill up on food that you are more familiar with. Or, if you are lucky, a wide selection of local foods that you can try.

Just be sure to check if the price will differ for adults and children.

If it’s the same price for both, you might not be saving as much, but often, the costs will be different, and you can protect your -read more from MoneySmartFamily.

Some Closing Words on Eating Out and Saving

Today, we’ve looked at some straightforward strategies to help you eat out more or spend less. Remember, local restaurants will provide more authentic food, and it’s often at much more reasonable prices, so be sure to seek out the spots that the locals enjoy.

Street food picnics are also an inexpensive way to skip cooking and dine somewhere beautiful with your family. If you feel like a heavy meal, do it at lunch so that it’s cheaper, and consider sharing orders at dinner for a variety-packed light meal later in the day. Weekdays are more affordable than weekends, and if you’ve got complimentary breakfast at your hotel, then you should enjoy it!

Finally, don’t forget about buffets. Everyone will leave full, and they won’t leave your wallet empty. We hope you’ll take advantage of these tips, and we wish you the very best on your vacation.

Bon Appetit!

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