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Bargain Travel | What Is Dollar Flight Club?


Traveling is a great way to learn, grow, and educate yourself. Unfortunately, it can also be pricey.

Cheap flights are music to a traveler’s ears, and now you don’t even need to do the deal searching on your own. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how Dollar Flight Club works and how it can help you find great travel deals to save money. 

What Is Dollar Flight Club?

It’s is a subscription travel service that specializes in finding cheap deals on flights from over 100 different countries.

It was founded by Jesse Neugarten in 2016 after he got stuck just below the Mount Everest base camp during a huge 7.8 earthquake. 

Rather than this experience deterring him away from travel, he decided that every day should be lived as though it was your last and he wanted to help others live the same way. 

Shortly after, he bagged himself a cheap deal on flights from the US, Scandinavia, Europe, and then home. People began asking him how he got such good deals. This was the birth of Dollar Flight Club.

It was built by a team of remote workers from all around the world. The team consists of customer support, flight finders, marketers, and engineers. It is estimated that travelers save on average $500 per trip by using Dollar Flight Club or sometimes even saving up to 90% from the original price

How Does It Work?

It is quick and easy to sign up. Simply select GET STARTED on the company website and enter your email address.

You’ll then select the departure airport of your choice and the system will automatically send you cheap deals to random locations around the world. There is also an app version available—read more here

There are 3 options when signing up – the free subscription, the premium subscription, and the premium plus subscription. 

  • The free version offers the basics, sending you alerts on international cheap flights leaving from your chosen destination, however, you will also get sent advertisements.
  • Premium will send significantly more flight deals and do so without adverts. This version will also send domestic alerts and discount offers to partner brands such as Fodor’s Travel and Babbel.
  • Premium Plus offers all the same features as the premium, except as well as this it has deals on first-class and business travel. Furthermore, you can get a discounted rate of 20% off Mobile Passport Plus. 

Who Can Use It?

Currently, it’s available to anyone traveling from North or South America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. However, this is only for the free version or the premium version.

Premium Plus is only available to travelers in North America, and domestic flights are limited to departure airports in the US. 


Dollar Flight Club was established by an enthusiastic traveler who wanted to help others see the world. The business offers deal alerts on cheap flights to random countries leaving from your chosen airport to help you save money and broaden your horizons. 

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