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Amazing Rollercoasters and Theme Parks to See


America has a range of options for all thrill-seekers out there! Theme parks give you the unexpected rush that’s missing from a mundane routine. They’re a great way to leave all stress behind and be transported to another world.

Theme parks are a fun day out with your family and friends. You can bond with the people around you over shared experiences and become immersed in your new surroundings.

So kick back, unwind, and enjoy! Here are some amazing roller coasters and theme parks that you need to see.

Magic Kingdom Park – Orlando, Florida

Magic kingdom

Magic Kingdom Park has not only been considered the most popular theme park in America, but the world! It’s home to all the Disney classics and creates the perfect family experience not only for children, but adults alike. 

As characters roam around, your kids can take pictures with all their favorite Disney characters and even get involved with roleplay. You can also join their live entertainment shows and see your favorite characters in action. 

Magic Kingdom has a whole range of restaurants where you can get the themed experience you’ve always dreamed of. From Cinderella to Pinocchio, to Beauty and the Beast, dine until your heart (and stomach) is content!

At night, set yourself in front of the Disney castle and watch the magnificent firework display. Feel the magic sparking around you.

Our favorite roller coasters at Magic Kingdom Park are:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This ride, as you’ve probably guessed, is influenced by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This rollercoaster’s highest drop is 39ft – that’s even higher than Space Mountain (despite not looking like it!) 

Space Mountain

Space Mountain reaches 28 mph and its highest drop is 23ft. With this coaster, you’ll be transported to outer space.

Universal Studios Hollywood – Los Angeles, California

Universal Studios Hollywood is a great experience for all ages! The themes and rides are aimed at a slightly older audience, but there’s something for everyone. 

For Harry Potter fans, why not visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? There are two Harry Potter-themed rides, so, fly around the thrilling scenery and lock eyes with some of the most magical creatures. Go to see and hear the frog choir, choose your wand at Ollivanders, or dine at Three Broomsticks of Hog’s Head. It’s an incredible experience for any witch or wizard to experience!

Experience some of the best rides that Universal Studios has to offer and be taken from world to world. 

Our favorite roller coasters at Universal Studios Hollywood are:

Jurassic World – The Ride

Splash straight into the jungle and be chased by dinosaurs throughout. Wherever you look, you’re surrounded by dinosaurs and be a part of this incredible, immersive experience for all.

Jurassic Park

Transformers – The Ride 3D

Fact from fiction becomes entirely blurred as you get completely lost in this ride, caught up in the story and thrilling experience. 

Cedar Point – Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Point is renowned for its thrilling roller coasters and has a total of 18 in the park! There are special events, including HalloWeekends, and live entertainment including Sing-A-Longs for the kids, and thrilling horror plays for adults.

While it’s not themed like the others, the rides are extremely exhilarating.

Our favorite roller coasters at Cedar Point are:


The Corkscrew sends you round and round in a loop, reaching the top speed of 48mph and the maximum height of 85ft. It’s a little rocky, but those who can get past that will absolutely love this ride. This isn’t for the weak-hearted!3


Millennium Force

Millennium Force was introduced in 2000 and has zoomed into a thrill seeker favorite. As it reaches the top speed of 93mph and the maximum height of 310 ft, this roller coaster is intense, to say the least. For approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds, you’ll be whisked around.


That’s a wrap on some amazing must-see roller coasters and theme parks in America. If you want a more themed experience and something for all the family, then Magic Kingdom Park is the obvious choice. If you’re more focused on the rides, then Cedar Point could be an absolute treat for all you thrill seekers!

Image by Matt Bowden 

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