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AirTreks Review | Worth Your Money or Not?

Everyone loves to travel, especially if a single tour covers more than one country! 

However, the only thing that creates a problem is the expenses that one has to incur for the break journey tickets. If you are facing the same problem and want to avoid the hassle, then always look for Round-the-world ticket (RTW) tickets. 

So, today, in this guide, we will review a company, AirTreks, that offers RTW and long-distance flights!

What Are RTW Tickets?

A round-the-world ticket or round-the-world fare is a product that allows a traveler to fly around various countries or continents. The biggest advantage that an RTW ticket has over a single ticket is that it is highly cost-effective.

The cost of the flight is reduced because the passenger receives multiple discounts for booking multiple destinations in advance.

AirTreks: Complete Guide and Company Review

AirTreks, a travel company, provides you with a range of specialized services, for RTW tickets and specialized itineraries. 

AirTreks was established in 1967 and thus, has over three decades of experience. Due to this experience, the company has been a trusted company for plenty of RTW travelers today.

How to Book Tickets on AirTreks?

Booking tickets on AirTreks is a super simple process. You simply have to follow the below-mentioned steps for finding a cheap deal that is curated as per your plan.

Step 1: Enter the Destination

Start by putting in the destination that you are planning to visit from their booking tool.

This is probably the best part of the entire process. There are so many places that you can select from to visit. Next, build your route from that location.

From Pittsburgh to Paris to the Maldives and Tokyo…Why not?

Another great aspect is that you can add or drop destinations that can significantly change your overall budget. For example, does flying to Athens increase your trip cost by $400? Take it off and go somewhere else.

However, if you are not sure about the places that you want to travel to, then you can always look up ready-made packages. These packages are mentioned under the heading “Airtreks Special Routes”. 

Step 2: Provide Them with a Start and End Date

Provide them with the dates so that they can find a good deal for you.

However, you should keep in mind that if you book in advance for the trip and if later on, you decide to change it, you might end up incurring additional charges. So, try to be as precise as possible! If you are planning to book an international flight, then try to book well in advance as it will get cheaper.

Step 3: Give Your Contact Information

Provide them with your contact information and end it by just submitting your quote. That’s all you need to do to get the tentative rates for your dream trip.

Pricing and Rates of AirTreks

When we specifically talk about the rates and pricing, AirTreks tries to offer the best deal. In fact, a basic itinerary with all the major cities may cost less than $1,500. Now, this is relatively reasonable. Moreover, they also have an online tool that helps in calculating an estimated price. 

If that is not enough, with every inquiry, AirTreks tries to help in saving money by choosing reasonable dates and even alternative stopovers. So, while you get an online estimate, you also get a manual one accordingly!

AirTreks: Other Benefits and Limitations

AirTreks has some benefits as well as limitations, you should know about them before booking a ticket. 

Pros of AirTreks

  • Proper Communication of Information – As per their services and reviews, Airtreks provides with you detailed information about your itinerary. They ensure that you are well aware of the routes, flights, and everything in general.
  • Flexibility – There have been reported instances where the flights were re-scheduled and AirTrek had them routed without asking for any additional fees or charge. Thus, making it quite flexible for travelers. 


  • Refund Issues– There have been a few instances where the company has not been genuine in terms of refunds. It stands true, especially during the pandemic where a lot of plans and flights were canceled
  • Customer Care– The after-sale services are really slow, as they do not process applications about any queries or refund requests.

Final Thoughts: Should You Go for AirTreks or Not?

To summarize, the company has a range of customers who are quite satisfied with their services. However, at the same time, there are few unsatisfied customers also. 

Keep in mind that the experience of every person is different. So, you shouldn’t rely on only one suggestion. Instead, do proper research before selecting or rejecting the company.

Post Author: Lillia Hall

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