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5 Things You Should Know Before Your First RV Trip

RV Life

Do you love to travel? Does it matter how you travel? Are you a fan of visiting faraway places on a plane? Or do you prefer short road trips to nearby locations?

Whether you like to stay near your home or go somewhere far, an RV trip is something that will quench your thirst to travel.

For us, there’s nothing better than a carefree RV trip to get rid of all the stress we carry. After all, what else can feel as refreshing as hitting the road and moving along with the wind?

It’s about time you plan a cool RV trip with your loved ones. Trust us when we say that there’s nothing better than an RV experience to re-energize you after a hectic month of work.

While going on an RV trip is not difficult, there are a few things to be prepared for. Ensure you’re well educated on RV-ing before you start to throw your stuff in that bad boy and hit that road.

Here are 5 of our tested tips for the best RV experience.

1. Know Your RV (Even if It’s Rented)

One of the biggest mistakes that many beginners make with their RV is not understanding their vehicle well.

Facts: an RV is not like driving a car. It’s more like driving a living and dining room combined.

It’s natural to feel excited about your first RV road trip. You may want to hit the road right after getting your hands on an RV. However, that’s not a wise move at all.

Make sure you never start your trip without familiarizing yourself with your RV, whether you’ve rented it or bought it.

First, drive it around your hometown to know how it works and assess any issues. Spending time with your RV will let you get used to the blindspots and just the sheer girth of your new big mama.

2. Safety Is No Accident

RV trips can be tiring and sometimes a little wild.

Personally, we have seen an RV crash through a KFC drive-through height sign. True story.

Therefore, it’s better to prepare for the worst before leaving your home. Make sure that your inner circle of family and friends knows how to get in touch with you and where you’re going.

Always keep an RV tool kit and sufficient medical aid with you as well. Additionally, you can stock up on some water and healthy snacks for times when you can’t find anything else.

Keep your devices charged at all times and try to take along multiple connectivity options.

3. Bring Some Healthy Foods

On an RV, you are going to be listening to some righteous tunes and chilling out with the ones you love. You may be inclined to bring a huge bag of Doritos. Maybe even two. Don’t do it.

You are going to be sitting around more than usual, so you need to take care of that figure. Many people fail to have fun during their RV trips because they don’t take care of their health at all.

This is why it’s important to be extra careful about your health before and during an RV trip. Try to keep yourself as hydrated as possible and eat a few bananas. It won’t ruin your trip, we promise.

4. Sleep Well

Another important thing to take care of is your sleep. Your sleeping schedule can get messed up, especially if you’re on a longer RV trip.

Make sure that every person in your RV gets enough sleep, even if they aren’t pitching in on the driving. Taking care of your sleep keeps you fresher and healthier during the trips, thus making it easier to have a good time.

5. Take Breaks

If you are taking a cross-country trip, you should plan on breaking it up into 5-hour to 7-hour chunks. You need to throw your anchor down and explore this beautiful country. Get some knick-knacks. Buy a few magnets. Smell the open road.

A good measure is to make sure each driver doesn’t drive more than 2 hours consecutively.

And with that, as long as you follow each one of those tips, you will have a fantastic RV experience.

Image by Hanson Lu

Post Author: Lillia Hall

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