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Carnival of Twenty Something Finances – Cats Love Money Edition

cats love money

Welcome to the November 9th, 2009 edition of the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances!

I’m especially excited for this carnival because it’s the innaugural blog carnival hosted at Foreigner’s Finances. I’m glad you decided to check out some great posts this week from a bunch of incredibly talented bloggers. On with the carnival!

My girlfriend has been cat crazy lately, insisting that we look into getting a cat for our apartment. I’m fending her off, but in the meantime here are some pictures of cats with money, intertwined with this week’s Twenty Something Finances posts. I’ve also posted links to the author’s Twitters, when available, so feel free to follow them over there as well.


You know this cat learned the importance of saving early.


At Gather Little By Little you can find an all encompassing article on savings tips with 10 Small Ways to Save Money that Make a Big Difference. Utilizing these tips will sure make your paycheck and savings stretch from month to month.

Michael at Dual Income No Kids Finance takes a look at the importance of savings in Attitude Towards Savings. My finances turned around the minute I opened a savings account so the importance of solid savings cannot be overlooked.

Baker’s post at Get Rich Slowly looks at the trickiness of financial big wins in, The Curse of a Big-Win Mentality.

This cat read the posts below and saved all of this money just on travel.


Steve over at Propose to My Girlfriend tells us how to find the losest airfare in his post, How to Get the Lowest Airfare Available – Read This or Spend Too Much For Your Airline Tickets. A lot of teachers in the area are booking flights for the holiday season, so take a moment to check out his article and save yourself a couple hundred bucks this holiday season.

Baker’s back, this time at Man vs. Debt, where he writes a huge article with a bunch of solid money saving travel tips in his post, Travel Hacking for Noobs: How We Save Hundreds on Airfare, Get Free Accommodation, & Make Money while Overseas.


This cat just wants to dig himself out of the hole.


Adam at Rabbit Funds wrote Dave Ramsey said to sell my stuff and payoff debt. A great look at his positive and negative feelings towards Mr. Ramsey.

This guy learned how to properly allocate his money and he took the extra cash to the grocery store.


Mr. Buffet has been in the news lately, and Kevin at 20s Money takes a look at the recent Berkshire Hathaway stock split in, Build A Portfolio Around Berkshire Hathaway Class-B Shares (BRK-B).

At ABCs of Investing, learn more about the “Top Down” Investment Approach.

Mike at Four Pillars takes a look at the book Investing Made Simple, in their post, Stocking Stuffer for Christmas Ideas – Investing Made Simple Book.

Australian Investing writes a detailed look at investing in How to Buy Shares in Australia.

Roshawn at Watson Inc. takes a look at a difficult personal finances question in, Save for Retirement or Avoid Student Loans?

Check out the The Definitive Inverse ETF Guide at ETF Database.

I’ve never seen a cat with ocean color eyes, so he or she is pretty unique – much like these posts.

Too Unique for Categories

Got an iPhone, but overloaded with app choices? Peak Personal Finance does the searching for you in their article, 6 Types of Financial Apps for Your Smart Phone.

Tyler at Frugally Green asks an intriguing question, What’s Your Environmental Net Worth?

Sending money to people is becoming easier and easier and Craig at Money Help for Christians gives a detailed account of the different options in his post, 3 Fast Ways to Transfer Money.

I’m working my first job out of college so Darwin’s post at Darwin’s FinancesWorking Long Hours – Is It Worth It? struck a chord with me.

The Amateur Financier takes a stab at breaking down an economic term that affects businesses in, Economic Basics: Externalities.

Jeremy at Taking Charge gives some sound advice on gift cards before the holidays in his post, How to check your gift card balance without leaving home.


Thanks for hanging out and supporting the Twenty Something Finance Carnival! I hope you enjoyed the cat money pictures and will check out next week’s carnival, hosted on November 16th at The Amateur Financier. If you’d be interested in submitting an article, check out the carnival submission form.


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