There Are Other Ways to Travel!

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Whenever I go someplace these days it seems I am either sitting in the seat of a car or I’m belted in next to a porthole on an airplane.  And while driving the open road can be a great way to escape the confines of the town, or flying can get you to your destination fastest, the expense and stress of both travel modes can sometimes put a damper upon your entire trip.  After all, the time spent preparing for the trip and the hassles accompanied with it can be enough to make folks opt to stay home for a holiday or vacation.

On a recent trip to a relative’s wedding I spent a day strapped in a cramped seat in the belly of a jumbo jet.  I ignorantly thought the large size of the airplane meant it was more spacious for the long trip.  My naivety was quickly shattered when I saw the number of passengers that were being cramped into that airplane!  There I was wearing my travel suit that I’d obtained at great savings with a king size direct coupon, and I couldn’t even let down the table to eat that ersatz lunch they served passengers.  While watching ships at the nearby seaport I wondered whether the trip would have been more relaxing if we’d taken the time to cross the ocean without the stress and strain that seems part of any plane flight.

Of course, my physique may affect my comfort in many travel circumstances, particularly when I try getting into compact vehicles.  I guess that is why I enjoy train travel on a good rail system.  While they might have been able to get Wilt Chamberlain into one of those “Beetles,” that doesn’t mean he was comfortable, nor does it mean he was in it for an extended period.  And I have no desire to muss up the great fitting wardrobe I’ve put together using Groupon coupons for substantial savings from King Size Direct.  Getting into a micro-mini is something I’d rather see my lady in when traveling on a cruise ship or cross-country train instead of cramped airplane seats.  That is one reason why folks might want to consider traveling ways that make the travel a true part of the trip.  After all, wouldn’t you prefer seeing the countryside rather than clouds or company-selected videos?

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