The FF Podcast Ep. 2: Frugal Travel Tips with Erik Hajek from the Web Comic

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Today’s episode of The Foreigner’s Finances Podcast features frugal travel tips from globetrotter and web comic creator Erik Hajek of

Erik is a good friend of mine from college and has managed to travel to over 10 countries and 25 states on a tight budge all before he turned 23. In this episode Erik shares his favorite travel websites and hacks for keeping your domestic or international travel within your budget.

Erik and his girlfriend Amanda are also the creators of the web comic Clint Pidgewood so we discuss how this project came to light and the laughs you can expect from their twice-weekly comic.

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The Foreigner’s Finances Podcast Episode 2

[00:23] - Welcome world traveler and good friend Erik Hajek from

[01:20] - Erik’s travel history

[01:58] - Erik’s favorite frugal travel tips

[06:10] – The best cheap airlines

[07:25] - Discussing road trips

[15:00] – Cheapest and best international destinations

[17:25] – The overrated aspect of the language barrier when traveling

[19:00] – How Erik talked me in to traveling to the border of North Korea

[21:25] – The creation of Clint Pidgewood


Here are some of Erik’s favorite travel sites:

Air Asia – Cheap flights in southwest Asia

Ryanair – Cheap flights within Europe

Megabus – Affordable bus rides around the U.S. and UK

Lonely Planet Forums – Helpful for planning trips with advice from travel experts

Wiki Travel – Wikipedia for travelers

Moon books – Travel books for any destination


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