The FF Podcast Ep. 6: Travel Stories & Tips from a World Traveler

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On this week’s episode of The Foreigner’s Finances Podcast I talk with FF reader, SA, and we discuss what she’s learned from vacationing, studying, and working abroad.

SA is a twenty-something who has frugally managed to travel to countries like Italy, Guatemala, New Zealand, and England. In this podcast she tells us about her favorite places, how to find employment abroad, and the benefits of studying abroad in college.

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The Foreigner’s Finances Podcast Episode 6

[02:30] – How she became interested in traveling

[05:00] – Why small colleges are great for students who want to travel

[08:00] – What traveling does for your resume

[12:00] – Where and how she traveled in college

[22:00] – How to get employed as a worker abroad

[30:00] – Her life back in the U.S.

[31:00] – Her favorite frugal travel tip

Thanks again to SA and if you have any questions for her, leave them in the comments below, and she’ll get back to you soon. You can also check out her online business card for more information and a way to get a hold of her.

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