Meditation and Debt: How 10 Minutes Can Fix Your Money Problems



Bad money situations do not appear out of mid air. Poor education, bad luck, or lazy habits are just a few of the many problems that can lead to a difficult money situation. But one thing is for certain: complicated and dire money situations are tough to navigate.

Massive debt can be incredibly constricting and cause a lot of stress in one’s life. It’s difficult to escape a poor money situation and, unfortunately, too often the bad habits continue because the individual avoids taking action due to the size of the problem.

What an individual who is suffering from debt needs is clarity.

With bills piling up and not enough money coming in, the situation can seem complex. It may seem like there is always someone who is demanding more money, yet, there is no money available. The credit cards help for a while, but even they have their limits. Deep down inside, the person may want to fix the problem, but they just can’t seem to get themselves in a place where they are able to tackle the situation.

This is where meditation comes in. Yes, Foreigner’s Finances is going to get new-agey for a minute.

This week all the Assistant Language Teachers in the prefecture joined together for a Mid-Year Conference. One of the workshops I attended was titled: “Stress Management through Meditation or How to Deal with Your Coworkers and Boss without Freaking Out“. I didn’t have many expectations for the workshop, but it changed the way I viewed meditation forever.

After trying our own meditation for ten minutes, the group joined together to discuss the effects of meditation on an individual. The idea of meditation as clarity was brought up.

One person asked, “how do I avoid not sleeping?” The answer was, “perhaps, meditation is telling you that you need more sleep in your life.”

Another person asked, “how do I stay focused when so many thoughts run through my mind?” The answer was, “perhaps, meditation is the only time you’re letting your mind rest and it’s telling you that you need to rest it more often.”

I thought the last sentence was brilliant. Meditation opens up the mind and allows you to see yourself and your needs more clearly.

When you use meditation to tackle a debt situation, it can bring about the same results.

Perhaps, your debt situation is incredibly complex and instead of analyzing it and taking steps to defeat it, you avoid it. You excessively browse Facebook, go shopping, go out for drinks, watch movies; anything to avoid thinking about the debt situation. These actions are counterproductive and will only create more anxiety about the problem. You will always need to do something in order to avoid the one looming problem in your life: your debt.

Meditation can calm your mind and give you uninterrupted time to think clearly. It can lead to moments of clarity, and can be the first step in fixing a debt situation.

Here’s how to do a simple meditation session:

Meditation Steps

  • * When you’re awake and energized, take ten minutes and sit upright on a chair.
  • *Close your eyes or let your eyes settle on the ground. Place your hands on your knees.
  • *Listen to your mind. Try to calm it down, but let your thoughts wander. Give your mind time to breathe and work.
  • *After ten minutes, analyze how you feel. Could you sit still for the entire time? Where did your mind wander? What thought repeatedly occurred? How do you feel?

If you’re like me, you probably felt calm for the first time in a while. I often feel anxious and have trouble sitting still.

The ten minute meditation session showed me I need to slow down and give my mind time to relax.

Meditation can bring you some clarity, and maybe you will discover a positive thought that leads you to tackling your debt situation. Don’t fear your thoughts because you will need them to defeat your debt. Instead, embrace, listen, and learn from them.

Meditation doesn’t have to occur every day, but it can be something done once a week that allows you to calm down. It can lead to thoughts of success and maybe it’ll help you find the solution to your looming money problem.

Give it a try and see what you find.


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