FF TV Episode #5: Talking Japanese Personal Finance with Hiro

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The different ways countries and people use money is really fascinating to me. Why do some countries use credit cards? Why do some barter? Why do same have large percentages of debt while some are very money savvy?

Thankfully, my good friend Hiro, a native of Japan, was nice enough to sit down and talk about how he sees personal finance. We discussed credit card use in Japan, retirement accounts, and who’s responsible for teaching money education.

I’ve lived in Japan for almost 11 months and was surprised by a lot of the comments Hiro made about personal finance.

If you have any questions for Hiro about Japan, personal finance, or Pikachu leave them below in the comments on this post. He’ll get back to you soon with an answer.

[If you can't view click here to go to the video page]

[:25] –  Meet Hiro

[:49] –  His credit cards and the popularity of plastic in Japan

[2:37] – Banks, ATMs, and debit cards in Japan.

[3:19] –  Similarities in retirement accounts between U.S. and Japan

[5:32] - What Hiro thought about using money in America

[7:30] – Where Japanese people learn about money

Don’t forget to leave your questions for Hiro in the comments below!


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