Saving Extra Money

As the old adage goes, save more than you spend and you shall never go broke! Of course this is much easier said than done. Since the deep recession we experienced just a few years back, consumers have been struggling to right their financial ships. It’s difficult enough to pay the bills on time let alone fund our retirement accounts and savings accounts. However, the problem with this argument is that potential savers will always avoid putting away extra money, thus delaying retirement for years or maybe even indefinitely. You might be young now, in your 20’s or 30’s, but retirement age will come sooner than you think. Let compound interest take effect and you will be glad that you started saving at a young age.

Utilizing a time deposit or fixed term savings can be a great low-risk way of saving money for your future. While there are minimum fees for these types of accounts, they are great for people around the world who want to own a mix of currencies. Also, you can store your money anywhere from one to twelve months, this is especially nice because the money isn’t locked so long that you are unable to access it in case of an emergency. Should you find yourself in an absolute emergency and need to access the funds, you can still be rest assured that you have the ability provided you are willing to pay an early termination fee.

Any type of 401k and IRA account is always a smart and safe investment for your future. If you have an employer that offers a 401k then you should act quickly to take advantage of it. If you employer offers a matching contribution then my advice would be to invest the minimum in order to get the full matching contribution. Anything less than that would be like throwing away free money. Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how few people max out their retirement contributions available to them. If you are already maxing out a 401k, then consider opening a Roth or Traditional IRA. Both of these accounts have tax benefits to them. A traditional IRA is great for people who feel their income and tax bracket will be higher now than in retirement. Much like a 401k you contribute pre-tax funds to an account, and the interest and withdrawals are taxed once you hit eligible retirement age. A Roth is sort of like a brokerage account. You invest post-tax money, but all of your withdrawals are tax free!

About Loans

Short-term loans are a viable means of covering the unforeseen and unexpected. Whilst most of us think we would never need this type of loan, we also understand that there are times where a little extra cash wouldn’t hurt. Thus, what criteria should you consider when applying for that all-important short-term cash advance?

Working with a Regulated Lender

First, make sure you are working with an authorized, regulated and well-established lender, one with a history of providing reasonable and affordable loans like That information should always be clearly visible on their website and it should be the first thing you look for.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Second, make sure you are working with a lender that doesn’t ask or force you to take out a larger loan than you can afford to repay. Whilst there are always times when more is needed, it’s best not to go beyond your budget. That short-term lender should work with you to outline a loan you can easily repay.

Your First Cash Advance

Third, be sure your short-term lender of choice takes the proper approach to your first cash advance. In this case, your initial loan amount should be smaller than any future loans they grant you. Whilst you may need anywhere from £200 to £1,100 on that first loan, it would not be responsible for the loan provider to grant you that sum.

Borrowing Within Your Means

Both you and the short-term loan provider must be able to start off with a smaller initial amount before moving to larger loan amounts. In fact, any short-term lender trying to get you to take out a larger sum than £500 is likely one you should avoid. That lender should be professional, courteous and willing to ask you pertinent questions about how much you can afford to borrow and when you can afford to make your payments.

Finally, make sure you are well aware of all the conditions of borrowing from your short-term lender of choice. In fact, there shouldn’t be any find print whatsoever. The short-term loan provider should be transparent and upfront about all the costs involved with the loan. You should have a clear understanding of how much is owed and when. Any loan provider that is not transparent is not one worth borrowing from.

Forex Strategies

There are many different strategies a trader can use when trading Forex, some more successful than others.

The Pin Bar

One of the most popular strategies used in Forex trading is the pin bar formation. The pin bar is a price action reversal pattern that indicates at what point a price was rejected in the market.

The actual pin bar itself is a bar with a long upper or lower “tail”, “wick” or “shadow” and a much smaller “body” or “real body.”    Pin bars can be found on most bar charts or candlestick charts. In fact, candlestick charts are used the most because they show the price action the clearest and are the most popular charts amongst professional traders. Traders prefer the candlestick version over standard bar charts because they provide a better visual representation of price action.

False Breakout

Here’s another Forex strategy worth looking into: the ‘False Breakout’ or ‘Fakeout’  trading strategy. A False Breakout is a price movement through an identified level of support or resistance that does not have enough momentum to maintain its direction. Since the validity of the breakout is compromised, traders will close their positions causing the price to not make the sharp move that many were expecting.

A false-break is really sort of a deception by the market. It works like a test on a price level that can result in a break of that level but instead of breaking, the market retracts and does not sustain itself above or below that level. The market does not close outside of the level being tested but makes a false-break of it. These false-breaks are good indications of impending market direction, and traders can use them to their advantage.

The Inside Bar

The Inside Bar Breakout Strategy is simple to apply and comes with huge rewards compared  to the amount of risk involved. The inside bar is in place when the highest price is lower than the preceding bar’s high, and the lowest price is higher than the preceding day’s low. In other words, an inside bar is said to have formed when entire bar’s price action range i.e.: Open, Low, high and close takes place within the high and low of the previous bar/day.

The Inside Bar Forex trading strategy is a popular system because it comes with an acceptable win/loss ratio. It doesn’t require any indicators and can be applied on the bare candlestick or bar chart. However, the entry conditions needed for this strategy occur quite infrequently so it is not often used.

How to Save on the Thanksgiving Dinner

We have about a month left until Thanksgiving, when Americans (and some Canadians as well) count their blessings and offer thanks for being together in health for another year. This usually means a rich table filled with turkey goodness and lots of other delicious things at their side. Besides, it also means guests – family and friends gathering around the table. Here are some tips to make Thanksgiving a smaller effort for your budget and still offer a great dinner to your family.

1. Frozen is your friend

As Jamie Oliver, the UK’s favorite celebrity chef once said, frozen foods are not bad for you – by the contrary, they are frozen right after being harvested (or, in case of meats, right after the animals are slaughtered). A frozen turkey is a good choice for your Thanksgiving table, as it will have the exact same qualities as the fresh one (as proven by a study conducted by researchers of the University of Nebraska) and will cost a good 30 or 40% less. You can also use frozen vegetables – I only use frozen green peas and corn at home – for the same reasons as above.

2. Plan your dinner right

First of all, decide the menu and make a list of ingredients necessary. Calculate the usual amounts a person will eat of each one of them, and buy exactly as much as you need. For example, people won’t usually eat more than a pound of turkey during the dinner – for example, for a 10 person Thanksgiving dinner you need a 10 to 12 pound turkey. You can make the calculations for the other foods you plan to serve, and buy the exact amounts you need.

3. Make your own decorations from items you can come by free

There are so many things around the house or in a nearby park you can use for decorating the Thanksgiving table – and they don’t cost a dime: all you need to do is pick them up and use them up. You can combine branches with autumn leaves and candles to make a table decoration, hang leaves all around the house, pine cones you can pick up at the park, and so on. All you need is some time and creativity.

4. Save money on painkillers

You spend a lot of time planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, you cook, you carry the groceries, you clean the house – sometimes your head starts to hurt, other times your back or your feet. This can be avoided by preparing everything in due time, and taking some well deserved breaks to help you relax. Read a book, take a walk, view the latest casino bonus offers at, whatever makes you relax, and you can save a lot of money on painkillers…

The 5 Most Important Reasons to Save Money

In one of our recent blogs we talked about how to make a saving money easier. In today’s blog we’re going to look at 5 reasons that saving money is so important. The fact is, having enough to pay for everything you need, while a good thing, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be putting aside some money every month. There are a lot of excellent, and vital, reasons that you should be saving money, especially if you aren’t in debt right now.

Reason 1. Saving up for a down payment on a new home. Simply put, if you have a large down payment that you can put on your home, your negotiating power increases substantially. You can get better interest rates, possibly get a bigger home and, over time, will pay a lot less in interest on your smaller mortgage.

Reason 2. Creating an emergency fund. We’ve talked about this in several blogs before but it’s well worth repeating. Having an emergency fund set aside in a money market or checking account, one that can cover from 6 to 12 months’ worth of expenses, could mean the difference between financial stability and bankruptcy. If you get hurt, lose your job or for whatever reason don’t have any income coming in, having an emergency fund set aside could literally save you from destitution.

Reason 3. Saving for a family vacation. Spending time with your spouse and children can create powerful, strong and lasting bonds as well as wonderful memories. A trip to Europe or a cruise around the Caribbean is something that you and your family will remember for many years. Frankly, you also don’t want to pay for your vacation with credit because, in two or three years’ time, the resentment you feel because you’re still paying it off might negate any fond memories you have.

Reason 4. Saving for an automobile. Paying for a car, whether new or used, with cash will give you a lot more purchasing power. Having cash in hand in an automobile dealership gives you negotiating power that simply can’t be ignored. Also, not having a car payment every month will allow you to do much more with your weekly paycheck.

Reason 5. Saving for your eventual retirement. We’ve talked about this quite a few times in the past as well, because saving for retirement is extremely important. The earlier you start the better as compound interest will greatly add to your “nest egg” once you hit your golden years. Most experts believe that you should put between 10 and 15% of your gross income aside for retirement and, if you have a 401(k) with an employer matching program, match those funds to the maximum every year. Outside of a 401k you can and should open a brokerage account so you can diversify. Regardless of what you invest in, the more you put away early in life will be that much better for when you retire.

We hope you agree that those are five excellent reasons to save. There are others, to be sure, but we believe these are the most important. Saving money might not always be easy but, over a lifetime, could mean a huge difference in how you live your life and how you spend your time during retirement.

5 Money Saving Tips…

five_us_dollars_bills-otherAverage credit card debt owed by the average Briton is approximately 2k. Imagine how many monthly contributions that takes to pay off? We recommend you catch up on the plethora of New Year guides to saving money in 2014 that have been springing up during January to help you get on top of your debt and make your pennies stretch further.

Overhaul attitudes

A good place to start when thinking of saving money is to overhaul your attitude to money. Do you live ‘pay cheque to pay cheque’? If so, it may help for you to adopt a more organised and planned approach to the spending of any money. You may wish to be stricter with yourself about saving for the future, or merely getting into the habit of saving. Again a change of attitude towards savings can make you focus on the value of money and make you less likely to spend cash willy nilly.

Focus on energy

Energy is a hot topic this New Year, precisely because of the sheer amount of saving an average household can make if they focus on saving money on heating bills. A very clever, modern idea about saving cash on heating is to install a special reflective layer behind all your radiators. These reflect the heat back to the radiator and into your house, instead of allowing heat to be absorbed into walls. The result is less energy use and less money expended on household heating. There are lots of other ways to save energy while reaping the knock-on effects of saving money, for example switching off lights and appliances when they are not in use, getting leaks fixed and creating a budget around your energy consumption.

Phone bills

Phone bills are another big area where there is lots of scope to save cash. You should shop around for any mobile phone contract and think carefully when committing to any 18-month contract as within six months it may have become cheaper for you to go elsewhere. Check out for some of the best deals available in 2014 for data sim cards.

Household bills

Household bills mount up and up but clever ways to cut these are to reduce waste in the kitchen. Are you throwing away food regularly? Why don’t you try to avoid this by shopping for smaller amounts more often? Or shopping online?

Get your family on board

Whatever your approach to saving cash, it will really help to get your family on board. Sit down and have a chat about what you want to achieve and set targets for the whole family. You could even promise to spend a portion of any savings on a family treat like a holiday or a new, more energy efficient fridge! A group effort is certainly the best way forward as it can be frustrating when you see someone who leaves the tap on just as you were trying to reduce the water meter bill!

Personal Finance Action Plan: If Your Bank Goes Bust….


Strain on the financial sector has been increasingly evident in recent years so much so that commentators even expected there to be a run on a bank in 2008 within the UK. Events of this nature only serve to highlight how we all need to be aware of what we should be doing if our bank is about to go bust, or if it announces it is in trouble.

Prepare for the worst

You should prepare for the worst when the going is good, so to speak. So, you aren’t worried about your bank at this time and there are no rumours of financial instability? Well, that does not mean you can rest on your honkers.

On the contrary it means you should be focused on an action plan of what to do if you access to money is suddenly cut off. It may be worth considering creating a ‘stash’ of physical essentials, for example a ‘stash’ of cash hidden somewhere only you know about. Be careful to stash any cash responsibly in a fireproof, secure tin or box. Other people may want to diversify their investments, and choose to invest for example in gold which won’t lose its value in a cash crisis.

Making claims

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is something all UK residents are entitled to claim under if their bank or building society goes bust. Only authorised banks and lenders (like Wonga and Everline for example) are covered by the scheme, so you should always check whether your bank is authorised or not especially if you are thinking of a long term transaction like business loans or overdrafts. If not banking with that institution is riskier. This scheme guarantees 85,000 pounds of compensation to each individual who has lost money in the event of a bank or building society going under.

Prevention is better than cure

You should always remember that part of your action plan should reflect the prevention is better than cure approach. This means you can take steps now to mitigate any future losses. If you do so you are unlikely to be hit as hard by any banking crisis, so it pays to do a little research. It helps to know for example that money over 85,000 is not guaranteed under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so you may wish to diversify your portfolio of investments and invest in things that have a cash value, but are not adversely affected by any banking sector crisis.

One option for example is to buy gold or to invest in gold or valuable minerals. You could also choose to invest money in property, or in a business – this way you can expect to see a return on your investment. You should also check the individual application of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to your portfolio of savings and investments. You may think you have several bank accounts all covered by the scheme, but one thing you absolutely need to check is if the bank is owned by the same parent group as this may affect your entitlement to make claims under compensation schemes in the event of a banking meltdown.

17 Ways to Get Free Money

Free cash Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Every year businesses give away thousands of dollars in free money and gift cards as a way of promoting their websites/products. We’ve put together a list of 16 of them who will give you a ridiculous $1,810.25 in free cash right now.

Some of them are as simple as filling out a form and some of them take a bit more effort, but you can easily knock out all of them in a couple of hours.

Without further ado, here are the 16 companies giving out free money right now….

1. Look at Your Budget on – FREE $10.00, a portfolio management site, will give you $10 just to open a free account! For those of you who aren’t familiar with PC, their site reminds me a lot of Basically, you input your account information and then their website helps you track your investments, credit card balances and changes to your checking/savings accounts.

Personal Capital

The layout is pretty cool too – a number of full-color charts & graphs lets you easily visualize all of your financial accounts at once.

Here’s how to grab the $10…

1. Sign up for using my referral link. The bonus is paid out via Paypal, so my advice is to signup for Personal Capital using your Paypal email address.

3. Add your financial account(s) to your Personal Capital dashboard. You must link at least one account in order to get the bonus.

4. Wait 30 days. Unfortunately, this bonus takes up to a month to pay out, but it’s free money so can I really complain? **You must be a legal resident of the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia and 18 years or older in order to claim the bonus**

Update 11/15/2013: This bonus has just changed. Instead of getting a free $10, they are now giving away $20 to Habitat for Humanity for each person that joins. 

Read more about it here: “Free $10 for Signing Up at Personal Capital


MotifInvesting2.  Trade Stocks at – FREE $100.25

Motif Investing is unique among online brokers, because instead of picking individual stocks, you invest in a cluster of stocks (usually 20 to 30) from a similar field.  Sort of like a mutual fund, but the motifs range from Clean Energy, to Republican Companies, to Healthy and Tasty, to Obamacare.  Basically any interest you have or trend you’d like to invest in can be found on Motif…

Even, better they’re giving away a ton of cash right now. If you open a new account and make one trade, you’ll earn $50. Make 3 trades, and you’ll earn $75. Make 5 trades, and you’ll earn $150!

Now Motif charges $9.95 for each trade you make, so after making 5 trades, you’ll still be netting $100.25 in extra cash.  That’s like getting all of your transaction fees free AND earning $100 extra.  Sweet! Signup here - Free $150 Motif Promotion.

Read more about it here: “How to Make $100 This Week with Motif Investing



3. Get Paid to Complete Tasks at – FREE $30.00

There are a number of sites on the web that will pay you to read advertiser’s emails, sign up for offers, and take surveys. I’ve tried about a million of them, but there are only a few of them that I would recommend. Inbox Dollars is one of those companies and I want to show you how I made $30 in a little over an hour completing offers on their site.

It’s free to join Inbox Dollars and best of all, they give you $5 just for signing up! Inbox Dollars just requires that you accumulate $30 in earnings before you can “cash-out” and they pay you by sending a check.

Some sample offers include one that asks you to sign up for a email newsletter from AMF Bowling. That pays 50 cents and takes about 15 seconds. Another offer asks you to sign up for a free account at to earn $3.50. These are simple and there are nearly a hundred of them to choose from.

If you are interested in giving Inbox dollars a try, visit the sign-up page here to get started.

Read more about it here: “How to Make $30 Quickly with InboxDollars


Capital ONe 3604. Try Banking at Capital One 360 – FREE $50.00

About a year ago, Capital One took over ING Direct and started offering free online checking accounts. What’s even cooler is that they’ll give you $50 just to open one.

I’ve already got a checking account that I’m pretty happy with, but I don’t mind opening a second one for some free cash. :)

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open a free checking account with Capital One 360.

2. There’s no minimum deposit with this account, but you’ve got to make at least 3 purchases with your Capital One 360 debit card during the first 45 days of opening the account.

3. On the 50th day, Capital One 360 will deposit a free $50 in your account. Sweet! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Capital One 360, they are a pretty popular virtual bank that gives spectacular interest rates. It’s completely free to open and maintain an account with Capital One 360.

Go claim your $50 and take yourself out to lunch.

Read more about it here: “Free Money Alert: Get $50 from Capital One 360


NetSpend5. Open a Account – FREE $20.00

This is another easy $20 just for requesting a prepaid, reloadable card from Netspend. I’ve tested this one and over 200 hundred readers have cashed in on this, so you know it’s a good one.

1. Click HERE and ”Open a NetSpend account” for FREE.

2. You will receive your NetSpend “Visa” Debit card within 10 business days. Mine made it here in 4 days.

3. Once you receive the card, simply log into NetSpend and activate it.

4. In order to get the FREE $20, you’ll need to load the card with a minimum of $40.00 using PayPal, a bank account or one of the other many options.

5. Once you load the $40.00, NetSpend will add $20.00 to your available balance on the card. I confirmed this myself with my own card.

6. Go to the ATM and withdraw the $60.00 total from your card or spend the funds at your local store, online, or wherever you can use a credit card. Yes, if you withdraw the money via ATM or cash back, you’ll be hit with the $2.00 fee for a PIN transaction or a $2.50 ATM Fee (would only be $17.50 – $18.00 bonus in this case). But, you can avoid the fee by ACH transferring it for free back to your bank

Read more it here: “Free $20 Cash for Signing Up at Netspend


Online Shopping Cart6. Do Your Shopping via – FREE $10.00

The folks over at, the cash-back shopping site, are giving away $10 gift cards when you sign-up as a new member. You can choose either a $10 Target, Walmart, Macy’s, or Kohl’s gift card. You need to make a $25 purchase at any of the stores on their shopping list in order to qualify for the free gift card.

I certainly don’t recommend spending $25 just to get a $10 gift card, but if you have plans to buy something online anyway, I would definitely cash in on this… Especially if you’ve got a gift card from a birthday or Christmas that needs to be spent. Look at this as a way to get a little bit extra back on your purchase.

Some of the cash-back offers I use frequently include the 3% back on iTunes purchases, 1% back on Apple store purchases, and 3% back on Target purchases. But there are a ton of stores to pick from as well.

Read more about it here: “Get a FREE $10 Target Gift Card from


OptionsXpress7. Sign Up an Account at OptionsExpress – FREE $100.00

Here’s another great way to make some free cash. This one is through OptionsXpress, a Charles Schwab affiliated brokerage house where you can trade stocks and options.

From now until December 31, 2013, OptionsXpress is offering new US customers a $100 bonus when you open an Individual or Joint account and fund it with at least $500.

1. Open a new Individual or Joint account (IRAs, other tax-exempt, linked, or shared accounts are excluded from this offer).

2. Fund your new account with at least $500 cash or securities transferred from a brokerage firm other than OptionsXpress.

3. Make at least 3 trades within 12 months of account opening.

4. The $100 bonus will be deposited into your account within one month of meeting the terms and conditions of this offer.

5. Maintain at least $500 in your account for 6 months (excluding trading losses), if not, the $100 bonus will be deducted from your account.

Read more about it here: “Look! OptionsExpress is Giving Away a Free $100 to New Account Holders


American Express Reward Credit Card8 – 12. Sign Up for a New Credit Card – FREE $1,375.00

One of the best ways for a Penny Hoarder to make some serious extra cash is to take advantage of credit card sign up bonuses.  Of course, to get the most benefit, you should have excellent credit, and you should routinely pay off your credit card in full each month so you’re not paying interest.  (After all, every time you pay interest, you’re losing some of the positive effects of the bonuses.)

Just recently I received over $1,300+ in credit card bonuses by selectively choosing new cards to apply for and use.  All I had to do was put my regular spending on the credit card over the course of a few months.

Barclaycard Arrival - $400 Signup Bonus

US Bank FlexPerks Card -  $175 Signup Bonus

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card - $400 Signup Bonus

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card - $200 Signup Bonus

American Express Gold - $200 Signup Bonus

For those of you wondering, here’s a great article on how to do this without hurting your credit score: How Opening and Closing Credit Cards Affects Your Credit Score

Read more about it here: “5 Credit Card Promotions That Made me $1,375


$25 bonus for opening an ira account

13. Take 5 Minutes and Open a Account – FREE $25.00

Betterment is a simple, online tool that allows anyone to invest in stocks & bonds without incurring transaction fees. It’s become pretty popular with small investors who want to start saving, but can’t afford the expensive fees you find at places like and Merrill Lynch. Plus, they’ll give you a free $25 just to signup!

1.) Open a free account at The form takes about 90 seconds to fill out, so can literally do this while sitting in the doctor’s office or while watching television.

2.) You need to make an opening deposit of $250 or more within 60 days of opening your account. If you’re not ready to make a deposit right now, my advice is that you go ahead and fill out the Betterment promotion form today. You can always make the deposit later, but this way you’ll have the promotion locked in, just in case the promotion ends.

3.) Once you’ve deposited $250 (and waited 60 days), will deposit a FREE $25 bonus into your account. How easy is that? You can then withdraw your entire account balance or you can keep the $275 invested and earning interest with Betterment.

Right now this is USA only.

Read more about it here: “How to Make $25 While Sitting in a Waiting Room



14. Open an Account at – FREE $50.00

Serve is American Express’s version of a prepaid, reloadable card and they are offering $50 when you open a free account, sign up for direct deposit and have two direct deposits put in your account. That’s a FREE $50 for about 5 minutes of work. Sweet!

And here’s a tip: You can direct deposit a number of things besides your regular paycheck. I like to keep my paycheck going to my primary bank account, but for bank bonuses, I use other sources of income to fund it. Try to think of another place that you get monthly income from. Do you get a social security check? Insurance check? Second job income? Mystery shopping payouts?  A number of the “paid-to-email” sites also offer direct deposit. I know that Fusion Cash does, because I get a nice cash-out from them on the 20th of every month.

Here’s a link to the promo page: $50 Bonus

Read more about here: “How to Get a Free $50 from


Walgreens Logo

15. Transfer Your Prescription to a New Pharmacy- FREE $25.00

If you’re one of the 70% of Americans with a monthly prescription from your doctor, I’ve got an easy way for you to make $25 bucks. Several of the national grocery and drug store chains have been know to run promotions where they will give you free cash or a gift card when you transfer a prescription to their store.

For example, this month Walgreens is running a promotion where they will give you a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription to your local Walgreens. You can usually find these coupons in your Sunday newspaper circulars or on coupon blogs like and You can even repeat this deal every month with a different pharmacy. :)

Read more about it here: “Here’s a Neat Trick to Make $25/month if You Have a Prescription


iPhone Being Held in a Hand

16. Download the Mobile Expressions App on Your Smartphone or Tablet – FREE $15.00

MobileXpression is a research company that studies internet trends and reports to their clients about the popularity of different mobile phone websites. They are currently looking for a few thousand cell phone and tablet users to share some of the websites they are browsing on their mobile devices. All of the sharing is done with a special software that is installed on your phone and it doesn’t require any real work from you. Plus, they’ll give you a free $15 just to give it a try. Even better, you can also uninstall the software at any time if you decide you no longer want to participate.

How it works…

1. Sign up at MobileXpressions here – You’ll need to share a little bit of information about your demographic which is similar to signing up as a Nielsen household. You’ll also need to tell them what kind of cell phone you have, because their software is only compatible with certain types of phones.

2. Download their software – It seems to be pretty easy and it runs in the background of your phone just like any other cell phone app. The site says it will have no affect on your mobile phone performance.

3. Send your data – This step doesn’t really require any work from you as the software automatically send the relevant data to MobileXpression. They don’t monitor your phone calls or personal information but they do check out the web pages you view, the links you access, and the usage times for certain device activities (e.g., text messaging, call lengths, and web browsing).

4. Collect your rewards – MobileXpressions will send you a $15 Visa gift card just for signing up and downloading the software. They also reward members with weekly contests and will have a drawing for $100,000 jackpot at the end of the year.

Read more about it here: “Get Paid $15 to Share Your Favorite Website


There you have it. If you’ve finished the list, you’ve just made $1810.25 in FREE money.

Feel free to take the weekend off.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

Note: we want to be up front with you on this – we may have a relationship with some of these companies. While we genuinely recommend them, we do want you to be aware that they’re a sponsor and are helping to grow The Penny Hoarder as a community.

Source: “How to Get Free Money – These 17 Companies Will Give You $1,820.25