How to Trade and Invest in Foreign Stocks

Foreign stocks offer wide range of opportunities through geographical diversification and exposure to growing economies. Trading and investing internationally enables acquisition of stocks beyond one’s geographical boundaries including stocks, bonds, and indices. However, this includes exposure to capital risk, which can be handled through smart plan execution. Here are the guidelines which can help in supervising one’s own international portfolio with less or entirely no dependence on costly professional advice.

Foreign Stocks for Beginners

International markets rarely move towards a single direction. Research and analysis of various factors which can cause significant changes must be done. Knowing these factors will enable mixed asset decisions regarding percentage of allocation to various international investments. According to CIBC, these major factors include:

  • Geographical area
  • Country selection
  • Asset allocation
  • Currency translation
  • Stock selection

Vital Steps to Trade and Invest

Nowadays, foreign stocks have become more accessible due to computerized trading services and online brokerages. One must be familiar with the tools of trading to become a successful trader and investor.

Choosing Stocks

This can be done through fundamental or technical analysis. The fundamental analysis relies of financial reports and public statements to analyze the performance of a business. While technical analysis depends on the patterns of swings in stock market price. Before buying or selling any stocks, it is fundamental to make a thorough research of the company, leadership, and competition.

Choosing the Right Broker

Consider the cost of service and level of support required. The News Daily offers overview of the top brokers with their services, ratings of fees, research tools, mobile access, and investments offer. Beginners are advised to find a broker which will provide personal advice for investments. However, the advanced traders may need brokerage tools for advanced trading, short selling, and margin trading. Some companies even offer functions similar to banks, with ATM, and quick loan options.

Develop Trading and Investment Skills

One may opt to read news, financial websites, watch courses, and listen to podcasts to gather information. However, since reading is not a substitute for experience, it is also suggested to practice new skills through an online stock simulator available online.

Investment and Trading Calculation

The foreign stocks process is not straightforward because of the different forms of charges that come with it. According to Time, there are three simple equations to predict possible profit or loss.

Equation 1

This formula is important to determine the value of return earnings. The value of S&P index must be determined as well as the expected dividend growth.

S&P 500 Dividend Yield + Expected Dividend Growth = Expected Long Term Return

Equation 2

Finding the true value of long term cost of fund can be done using mutual fund fees calculator. This depends on the fact that even mutual fund or adviser expenses are small at the beginning yet they add or multiply over many years.

Percent Expense Ratio = Expected to Add Up in Years

Equation 3

The return of equity refers to the classic measure of a company’s ability to use the shareholder’s money efficiently. According to Robert Zagunis of Jensen Funds, one must consider opting to invest in companies with consistent ROE of 15 percent. This is computed using this formula:

Net Income / Shareholder’s Equity = Return on Equity

Foreign Stocks Investment and Trade Goals

According to Chief Investment Strategist Brian Belski, even history suggests that long term investment goals produce better results. For instance, the Brexit referendum has caused panic that lead to the temporary decline of $2 trillion off the global stocks, but putting a longer hold period opens opportunity to recoup losses. Long term goals make handling of short term disturbances like this, possible.

Entering foreign stock investment will require dedication and patience from anyone who wishes to get the highest possible returns on their investments. Use the six tips above to gain a solid footing on the foreign stock market. It will take time to master it and be profitable, but the learning curve and monetary risk are definitely worth taking.

What does the 5 cent tick pilot do?

For the first time in the last 15 years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is launching a program called: the tick pilot program.This program will test the change in the bid- ask spread of some stocks. If you are not familiar with the tick pilot program, then below is a list of the most important things about it, that might make you understand what it does.

•    It will only impact a few stocks

•    Most probably, the average investor will see no differences in his or her trading portfolio. The tick pilot program consists of 1400 stocks which are split into three test groups along with one control group. The control group consisting of 200 stocks, will continue to trade normally. The stocks that are included in this pilot test are usually extremely thinly-traded. Their market caps are under $3 billion and their average trading volume is lower than 1 million shares.

•    The SEC wants to increase liquidity

•    The main idea behind the tick pilot program is to find out if accelerating the spreads for thinly-traded stocks leads to an improvement of liquidity in the market. According to the SEC, it is possible that for larger spreads to be an incentive for brokers to make markets in these types of stocks.

•    There will be a different impact on each of the three test groups

Besides the 200 stocks from the control group, which will remain intact, the three test groups will start trading under these conditions:

Group 1: all of the stocks will trade in five cent increments, with no exceptions.

Group 2: the stocks will trade in five cent increments, however, “midpoint trading” will be allowed for some exceptions. These exceptions will let orders to be filled at a price situated halfway between the bid and the ask.

Group 3: besides the conditions from group 2, these stocks will also have a “trade at” requirement.

What these all mean is that the spreads for the stocks belonging to these test groups will go from one to five cents, thus the name of the program: 5 cent tick pilot.

The program is very important as it will lead to many changes in the online stock trading. These changes might affect you if the stocks which you trade are in one of the three test groups.If you want to know whether the stocks that you are trading are going to suffer some changes, then check out this list .However, if you are interested in learning more about trading and want to learn some tips and tricks from our experts, or simply want see what is new in online trading, then follow Warrior Trading on Twitter.

How Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry

Today, beauty companies are struggling to comply with technological changes as consumers intertwine their beauty routines with new technologies. These companies have been forced to adapt various technologies in an attempt to attract the new wave of digital consumers.

In fact, beauty companies have begun to place technology at the center of their products; here’s how:

1.    Customer Service Has Been Transformed

Today, consumers have more options: online videos, skin diagnostic tools, and DNA testing.

One notable example is Panasonic’s Magic Mirror. This ‘magic mirror’ detects wrinkles, spots, or damage from the sun, using built-in cameras, then points out any flaws. Once it has analyzed the skin condition, it recommends various treatments or cosmetics.

The mirror is useful to consumers who need to make decisions about the value of skin creams or moisturizers. It can be used on cosmetic counters at malls or at local beauty shops to help customers choose the products that suit them best.

2.    Beauty Wearables are Creeping In

The beauty market is getting filled with wearables that are supposed to perform various functions. For example, in early 2016, a notable cosmetics company, L’Oréal, unveiled a stretchable skin sensor that can help its wearer monitor UV exposure.

The new invention came at a time when more people were getting concerned about the sun’s exposure. The heart-shaped patch, named My UV Patch, is a transparent adhesive that can be placed on any skin area that needs to be monitored. It contains photosensitive dyes that change color when one is exposed to UV rays.

3.    The Internet Has Provided More Possibilities

The internet has enabled beauty companies to connect with their consumers through online engagements, surveys, and online promotions. In the end, cosmeticians have learned their users’ behaviors, and they have used that information to better their offerings.

The internet has also benefited other industries like dental implant insurance. For example, an Ohio-based startup, named Beam Insurance, provides Internet-connected toothbrushes to policyholders in a bid to monitor their activities and to eliminate issues that may lead to high claims. This insurance company is hoping to transform dental insurance by creating an insurance plan that can retrieve data from customer’s toothbrushes.

4.    Shopping Has Been Transformed

Consumers have more payment options that guarantee convenience and security. Two notable examples are Apple Pay and Google Wallet. One company that adopted these latest technologies is Sephora. They collaborated with Apple to integrate Apple Pay into their app.

Delivery has also been enhanced. Amazon introduced a drone service that delivers products at the customer’s backyard. But cosmetic shoppers are known to be frugal and need to feel or touch products before purchasing.

This prompted L’Oréal to make an app. L’Oréal launched an application that uses the front camera to try makeup virtually. This app helps consumers who want to try out new make-up.

5.    Beauty Can be Customized

Consumers have the freedom to customize beauty, and this mostly applies to individuals who are not confident with make-up. Today, platforms like YouTube provide millions of beauty videos that provide insights into the best beauty practices.

However, beauty companies will need to use technology further to meet the demands of such consumers. For example, they can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze hair, color, skin tone, and various other preferences to make a customized product.


The leap in technology is evident in the beauty industry, and beauty companies are trying their best to keep up.

How to Borrow Money Overseas

There are many good reasons why you would want or need to borrow money. For instance, you may want to pay for school, buy a home or take a vacation to a tropical island. In most cases, you will borrow money from a local or national bank. However, it may be possible to borrow money from an overseas entity. How do you borrow money overseas?

Find a Lender Willing to Work With You

The first step is to find a lender that is willing to work with you. In some cases, this may be a traditional bank that does business both overseas and in your home country. It may also be an individual who is willing to provide the cash needed to finance a purchase or otherwise make an investment in the local community.

Be Cognizant of Local Borrowing and Finance Laws

When you borrow money from a foreign entity, the laws of that country generally apply when enforcing its terms. While usury laws in the United States may limit interest rates or put caps on how much an individual may borrow, that may not be true in another country. As a general rule, disputes over a loan after both parties agree to it are settled in the lender’s home country or wherever it happens to be domiciled.

Why Borrow Money From Foreign Lenders?

If you were to buy a home in another country, a lender in your home nation may not want to take a risk on providing the capital needed to make that purchase. They may also not have the loan type that you need or meet home loan standards established in that country or a particular section of that country. Therefore, it may be easier to work with a foreign lender to ensure that the purchase can go through with as few issues as possible.

Is It Legal to Borrow Money From Foreign Lenders?

Yes, you can borrow money from any lender that is willing to work with whether it is a bank or a private lender. It is common for borrowers to buy currencies that have low interest rates and invest that money in nations where interest rates are higher. This is referred to as arbitrage, and it is a technique that may guarantee a certain level of profit on a given investment.

Will Foreign Lenders Require Collateral?

In many cases, foreign lenders will require collateral to secure any loan that you take out. Typically, the collateral is the asset that you purchase with the loan proceeds. However, you may also be required to use your home, car or another asset to secure a personal loan or a loan from a private investor.

This may be especially true for those who have poor or bad credit. Those who are looking to overseas lenders because domestic ones won’t lend to them may find it easier to borrow using an auto pawn loan. Money can be deposited into a designated account quickly and without a credit check.

Borrowing money overseas may be a great way to leverage foreign markets to diversify your portfolio. It may also be an interesting way to take advantage of lower interest rates globally to help improve returns on any investment that you want to make with a foreign loan. While anyone can borrow from any lender on the planet, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the loan. Furthermore, make sure that you are comfortable with the recourse that may be available if a dispute should arise with an overseas creditor.

How To Choose The Best Tax Accountant

As tax season knocks on your doors, you need to think about so many different things. If you never did your taxes till now, for your personal income or for your business, there is a strong possibility you will have to hire an accountant. The problem is that accountants do not have good reputation at the moment. So many will tell you that they are not honest. This is not actually the case. There are some pretty great tax accountants that will do great work for you and will help you to save so much money in the process. According US tax services in BC guidelines, you want to think about the following in order to make the best possible choice.

Always Shop Around

A really common problem is hiring the very first tax accountant found online or in the Yellow Pages. There is a pretty good possibility this specialist is not that great. You want to consider the services of just the best accountants so you will want to compare the services of those that are going to be potentially hired.

Make a list of the tax accountants that seem to be the best in the area where you live. You will want to contact them but everything stats with the list so you can actually shop around.

Always Ask Questions

When you just meet a tax accountant that is out of school now and you are the very first client, you will never be told that this is the case. You want to always ask about the past clients serviced. Then, ask about what different specializations exist. When you ask questions, look at it as an interview. You are talking with candidates and you want to be sure you will hire someone that you can trust.

Know The Tax Accountant

Speaking about trust, you want to be sure you know as much as possible about the considered specialists. When you hire one you do not really like, there is a pretty good possibility the work done will not be that great. Always be sure you can trust your accountant since you will talk about your personal finances. It is a certainty you will not share important information when you cannot trust the tax accountant.


Last but not least, it is really important to think about costs so that you can hire a truly great accountant. In many cases the specialists will tell you that they can save you cash on taxes so they will charge more because of that. This is definitely not a great approach since you may end up overpaying. So many scams exist in this industry at the moment. Always be sure you hire just those that can prove experience and results.


Have patience and consider absolutely all the tax accountants you could. There is a pretty good possibility that you will find many that are great if you are not going to hurry. It is important to find those that can actually help you to save a lot of money thanks to the quality of the work that is done for you.

Essential Financial Issues to Sort Out Before Emigrating

Emigrating to another country can be a great way to boost your career and quality of life. It will be an exciting time as your life takes a new direction, opening up many fresh opportunities. Arranging and going through the whole process can be complex, depending on which country you are moving to and on other circumstances. There are many financial considerations that must be taken into account and arranged to ensure the whole action of emigrating goes as smoothly as possible.

Tax Situation

The first thing you will need to do regarding tax, is to inform HMRC in the UK that you will be moving abroad. As an expat you will be exempt from such taxes, but if you do not tell the authorities you will be charged the additional taxes. The easiest way to do this is to fill in and return a P85 form from Revenue and Customs. An R105 form is also required if you will be paying tax abroad yet also receiving interest on savings in the UK. Of course, you will need to arrange the appropriate tax situation within the country you are moving to as well.


Unlike the UK, most other countries do not provide free healthcare for their inhabitants. However, Britain does have special agreements with some countries where your healthcare and costs will be covered, so check with the nation or NHS Choices first. If you’re going to a European country then applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a good idea, which will help you with access to reduced cost health care.

Legal Issues

There are various legal implications of emigrating abroad outside of tax and healthcare issues. If you’re going to a new job then the company should take care of many issues, such as compliance with labour laws, visas, entry and taxes. However, for those going alone, you will need to ensure all the appropriate regulations are met, so it can be worth seeking legal help beforehand.

Financial Planning

Opening a bank account in your new homeland will be an essential task, to help meet tax requirements but also for the ease when transferring money from your UK accounts. Those retiring abroad will need one to access their expat pensions, while other investment and financial planning purposes will require a bank account in your new country.

It will make your emigration a lot simpler and more enjoyable if these issues are soted out before you arrive in your new home.

Clever Traders use CorrecTrade

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What is CorrectTrade?
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What do I have to pay?
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But seriously, does it work?
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Maybe I need more persuading?
Ok, well here are some little statistics for you. The CorrecTrade performs detailed market scans, and after looking around it chooses those that are over 75% likely to be actualized. Once the User chooses which asset he or she wants to trade on, the bot will tell them if that asset is most likely to go up or down. I hear you ask ‘but how long does that take?’ Well, it is supremely fast at around 60, 90 or 120 seconds. That’s not much time when money is at stake!

This product is sophisticated, but very easy. Smart algorithms are your new best friend. If you are a novice, or simply in a hurry, then using this bot could make all the difference to your trading success.

If you’ve got more questions…
If you are an intelligent, curious person, it’s likely you’ll have some extra questions. So visit the CorrecTrade FAQ and enjoy learning a little bit more.

5 Ways to Act Rich without Having the Bank Account to Back It

You do not have to throw any money around and sink into debt just to play the part of seeming to be well off.  In fact, it is the way you present yourself that will last a whole lot longer than buying a bottle of champagne for your friends.

Be Confident but Not Cocky

I have come across plenty of people that think they are “cool” just because they throw money around and make the others in the group feel that they are inadequate because they are not flaunting, or wasting, money.  Acting this way gives off a cocky vibe and will only result in everyone else talking behind your back, so in a group setting, you can be confident, but do not cross that line. Cock is what leads people to buying more than they earn, and spending more on a McMansion that they will eventually foreclose on. It’s tricky to remove foreclosure from credit report agencies and their scoring methods, so it’s best not to find yourself in this situation to begin with.

Dress Like You Care

Your clothes could be from a high end store or from Target (not any rip against Target, that is where I get a lot of my clothes), and you can still dress to impress.  First off make sure they are cleaned, pressed, and match.  Shoes should be cleaned and not show any wear.  For those that are unsure that I have seen friends wear that are big no-no’s are t-shirts tucked into jeans, and white gym shoes at any sort of event.

Buy Quality Items

You do not have to own every item that your peers have, but the items you can afford make sure they are quality, otherwise not only will they not last, but you will not impress anyone with an off-brand.  If it means saving up for an entire year to buy a Weber grill, that is far superior than purchasing a mediocre grill from another brand, and other unnecessary items.  Be smart about what you are purchasing.

Stay Up on Current Events

There does not have to be quotes from famous writers in order to sound classy.  Stay up on current events in your local area so that you can easily keep conversation and sound informed about your home town, and not just celebrity gossip or what happened on WWE last week.

It’s Alright to be Cheap

Frugal is the key word, not cheap.  Watch what you are spending your hard earned money on, and make it worth the purchase.  Nothing worse than leaving an expensive dinner and ask yourself what did you just spend all this money on.  Save your money and eat at home.