Tips on Business in the Mobile World

How is your business’ website fairing in the mobile world? Do you know what your website looks like when people log onto your website from their mobile device? Will they see your website as it was meant to be or will they see a scrambled mess? The question of the day is this; is your website mobile friendly? Next question; does your business have an app? More and more people are viewing websites from their mobile devices. According to an article, a mobile friendly website allows your website content to display correctly on a small hand-held device such as a tablet or a smartphone. Why would you care if your website works on the small screen? Reasons why you want a mobile friendly website include: avoids flash, faster load times, easier to navigate, minimal scrolling, and easier to read. If you want your business to succeed, you have to stay on top of the current technology trends which includes creating your business a app if applicable. According to a business article, your business also needs a mobile app. If you want your business to grow than you should be out there pounding the pavement in any tech realm you can to boost customer loyalty. The best way to accomplish this is through mobile app technology. Why mobile apps? Mobile apps link your website to your customers because people can access you 24/7/365 with mobile app technology. Some of the additional reasons behind creating your business website a mobile app includes: customer loyalty, greater control, and online visibility.

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There Are Other Ways to Travel!

Whenever I go someplace these days it seems I am either sitting in the seat of a car or I’m belted in next to a porthole on an airplane.  And while driving the open road can be a great way to escape the confines of the town, or flying can get you to your destination fastest, the expense and stress of both travel modes can sometimes put a damper upon your entire trip.  After all, the time spent preparing for the trip and the hassles accompanied with it can be enough to make folks opt to stay home for a holiday or vacation.

On a recent trip to a relative’s wedding I spent a day strapped in a cramped seat in the belly of a jumbo jet.  I ignorantly thought the large size of the airplane meant it was more spacious for the long trip.  My naivety was quickly shattered when I saw the number of passengers that were being cramped into that airplane!  There I was wearing my travel suit that I’d obtained at great savings with a king size direct coupon, and I couldn’t even let down the table to eat that ersatz lunch they served passengers.  While watching ships at the nearby seaport I wondered whether the trip would have been more relaxing if we’d taken the time to cross the ocean without the stress and strain that seems part of any plane flight.

Of course, my physique may affect my comfort in many travel circumstances, particularly when I try getting into compact vehicles.  I guess that is why I enjoy train travel on a good rail system.  While they might have been able to get Wilt Chamberlain into one of those “Beetles,” that doesn’t mean he was comfortable, nor does it mean he was in it for an extended period.  And I have no desire to muss up the great fitting wardrobe I’ve put together using Groupon coupons for substantial savings from King Size Direct.  Getting into a micro-mini is something I’d rather see my lady in when traveling on a cruise ship or cross-country train instead of cramped airplane seats.  That is one reason why folks might want to consider traveling ways that make the travel a true part of the trip.  After all, wouldn’t you prefer seeing the countryside rather than clouds or company-selected videos?

For Your Consideration: An Ameritrade Review

Day traders are a specific type of investor. Traditional investors usually go for the buy and hold, long-term strategies. That is not the game of the day trader. What a day trader is is something that traditional investors don’t really sync with. So traditional investors look at online brokerages in a different way from day traders.

So the day trader needs a platform that emphasizes speed, ease of trading volume and lots of information at the ready. The question to be answered by this Ameritrade review is, can Thinkorswim be that platform. Thinkorswim is Ameritrade’s proprietary platform for at-home investors. An interactive broker like Ameritrade must provide traders with the tools needed to be successful. That is what makes for a good online brokerage.

Research is such an important part of trading and Ameritrade shines on the research side. Users can use stock scanners to search for stocks and options, look at advanced charts and heatmaps and then use built in tools to figure out the long term prospects of a stock. The wealth of third-party research is an other point in Ameritrade’s favor.

Much like Warrior Trading and other day trading education sites, Ameritrade also has a community of investors and traders that share stocks to watch and advanced charts. Communities for day traders are very important because it can be such an isolating career. Being in an online chat room with other traders can also be beneficial to new traders. Learning from others is a great way to get better and learn how to make more profits.

The analysis tab on Thinkorswim, Ameritrade’s proprietary platform, can give a picture of an active risk graph that can give you a look at almost any possible trade. To see what could happen in a trade is very valuable. It gives a trader a chance to have a plan for their trade, which is very important.

Mobile trading is very important for Ameritrade’s platform. Many of the users actually use the platform on Apple or Android devices to make real trades. The interface on a mobile device works just like the desktop platform, funding accounts, making trades and watching breaking news alerts. The whole world is going mobile and so is investing.

Day trading is such a fast-moving and crazy industry, the possibility of mobile trading is a nice option. You always need to be on top of your trades and timing is everything.

Two drawbacks to Ameritrade is the possibility of slow executions and the relative expense of the commissions on trade. Because it takes long to execute a trade, the platform might not be great for day traders. And because the commissions are relatively high per trade, a high trading volume might eat into your profits.

So choose your trading platform wisely, because it has a very large effect on your profits and your career. Beyond keeping a profit/loss ratio in the black, finding the right trading platform is crucial to make a real career out of day trading.

What Happens to Old EIN Numbers?

An EIN number, or Employer Identification Number, is a requirement for every business in the United States, set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. This number is similar to a social security number as it acts as a form of identification for a business. With this number, businesses and corporations can easily complete tax requirements, hire employees, open bank accounts and lines of credit. If you have a business, then you know the process of obtaining an LLC tax ID number and why the number is needed for the business.

If you are like most people, you probably wonder quite a bit about EIN numbers, such as what happens to old numbers. You may be shocked to learn that there is essentially no such thing as old EIN numbers. After a business shuts down, the EIN number still exists. This applies to businesses that never fully start as well.

The Internal Revenue Service does not get rid of EIN numbers for any reason. The nine-digit number is assigned to a business and it becomes the permanent federal tax ID number for that entity. Even if the number was never used to file for income taxes or open a bank account for the business, the number cannot be used again.

If you open a business and happen to shut down, you can alert the IRS and let them that the account is no longer needed. To do this, you will need to send a letter to the IRS that includes information about your business. List the name of the entity, the EIN number associated with the business, the address of the company, and the reasoning behind closing the account.

If you decide to start a new company in the future, you will need a new EIN number. The quickest way to obtain one is to go online and use An online application process is offered as well as support via live chat to assist in filing for a new number.

Don’t Let your Travel Dollars go Up in Smoke

Travel is an essential part of life in America, and each year as budgets grow tighter, folks seek ways to travel for less.  Those looking to make their way home in time for Mother’s Day, or other upcoming events should check out Priceline through the Groupon site if they want to save money.  They offer some of the lowest prices on flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars, and it can all be arranged from your smart phone.

The vaping community has annual events that require travel. As the popularity e-cigs rises, so too do the number of conventions and other social gatherings centered around the vaping community.  The industry is forecast to reach a net worth of more than $10 billion and to outpace cigarettes sales in less than 10 years, so you can expect those conventions to grow exponentially.

Using Groupon to purchase deals on Priceline can save you as much as 40% off rental cars, and 50% off flights.  In addition, they have one night only deals so checking the web frequently when you’re planning to travel is a good idea.  Priceline lists flights that will take you to all the major hubs, cities and communities around the world so there’s sure to be a deal that fits your needs.  Using the Groupon is as easy as calling the app up and applying the deal on your phone.  You can’t beat the convenience or the price.  And they still offer their unique “Name Your Price” feature that made them so popular with budget travelers.

As it stands, 1 in 10 American adults have tried e-cigs and the trend continues to grow.  Unlike conventions for home improvement, or health and beauty, where business-to-business is the model, vaping conventions are held for the smokers to get together, socialize and try out the latest products on the market.  The format is similar, but these conventions allow vapers to socially interact with each other.

They are heavily promoted online and you can easily check the web to see where the next gathering will be so you can stay abreast of the latest gear, flavors and rising stars of the industry.  And you can use Priceline through Groupon deals to get you there.

How to Trade and Invest in Foreign Stocks

Foreign stocks offer wide range of opportunities through geographical diversification and exposure to growing economies. Trading and investing internationally enables acquisition of stocks beyond one’s geographical boundaries including stocks, bonds, and indices. However, this includes exposure to capital risk, which can be handled through smart plan execution. Here are the guidelines which can help in supervising one’s own international portfolio with less or entirely no dependence on costly professional advice.

Foreign Stocks for Beginners

International markets rarely move towards a single direction. Research and analysis of various factors which can cause significant changes must be done. Knowing these factors will enable mixed asset decisions regarding percentage of allocation to various international investments. According to CIBC, these major factors include:

  • Geographical area
  • Country selection
  • Asset allocation
  • Currency translation
  • Stock selection

Vital Steps to Trade and Invest

Nowadays, foreign stocks have become more accessible due to computerized trading services and online brokerages. One must be familiar with the tools of trading to become a successful trader and investor.

Choosing Stocks

This can be done through fundamental or technical analysis. The fundamental analysis relies of financial reports and public statements to analyze the performance of a business. While technical analysis depends on the patterns of swings in stock market price. Before buying or selling any stocks, it is fundamental to make a thorough research of the company, leadership, and competition.

Choosing the Right Broker

Consider the cost of service and level of support required. The News Daily offers overview of the top brokers with their services, ratings of fees, research tools, mobile access, and investments offer. Beginners are advised to find a broker which will provide personal advice for investments. However, the advanced traders may need brokerage tools for advanced trading, short selling, and margin trading. Some companies even offer functions similar to banks, with ATM, and quick loan options.

Develop Trading and Investment Skills

One may opt to read news, financial websites, watch courses, and listen to podcasts to gather information. However, since reading is not a substitute for experience, it is also suggested to practice new skills through an online stock simulator available online.

Investment and Trading Calculation

The foreign stocks process is not straightforward because of the different forms of charges that come with it. According to Time, there are three simple equations to predict possible profit or loss.

Equation 1

This formula is important to determine the value of return earnings. The value of S&P index must be determined as well as the expected dividend growth.

S&P 500 Dividend Yield + Expected Dividend Growth = Expected Long Term Return

Equation 2

Finding the true value of long term cost of fund can be done using mutual fund fees calculator. This depends on the fact that even mutual fund or adviser expenses are small at the beginning yet they add or multiply over many years.

Percent Expense Ratio = Expected to Add Up in Years

Equation 3

The return of equity refers to the classic measure of a company’s ability to use the shareholder’s money efficiently. According to Robert Zagunis of Jensen Funds, one must consider opting to invest in companies with consistent ROE of 15 percent. This is computed using this formula:

Net Income / Shareholder’s Equity = Return on Equity

Foreign Stocks Investment and Trade Goals

According to Chief Investment Strategist Brian Belski, even history suggests that long term investment goals produce better results. For instance, the Brexit referendum has caused panic that lead to the temporary decline of $2 trillion off the global stocks, but putting a longer hold period opens opportunity to recoup losses. Long term goals make handling of short term disturbances like this, possible.

Entering foreign stock investment will require dedication and patience from anyone who wishes to get the highest possible returns on their investments. Use the six tips above to gain a solid footing on the foreign stock market. It will take time to master it and be profitable, but the learning curve and monetary risk are definitely worth taking.

What does the 5 cent tick pilot do?

For the first time in the last 15 years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is launching a program called: the tick pilot program.This program will test the change in the bid- ask spread of some stocks. If you are not familiar with the tick pilot program, then below is a list of the most important things about it, that might make you understand what it does.

•    It will only impact a few stocks

•    Most probably, the average investor will see no differences in his or her trading portfolio. The tick pilot program consists of 1400 stocks which are split into three test groups along with one control group. The control group consisting of 200 stocks, will continue to trade normally. The stocks that are included in this pilot test are usually extremely thinly-traded. Their market caps are under $3 billion and their average trading volume is lower than 1 million shares.

•    The SEC wants to increase liquidity

•    The main idea behind the tick pilot program is to find out if accelerating the spreads for thinly-traded stocks leads to an improvement of liquidity in the market. According to the SEC, it is possible that for larger spreads to be an incentive for brokers to make markets in these types of stocks.

•    There will be a different impact on each of the three test groups

Besides the 200 stocks from the control group, which will remain intact, the three test groups will start trading under these conditions:

Group 1: all of the stocks will trade in five cent increments, with no exceptions.

Group 2: the stocks will trade in five cent increments, however, “midpoint trading” will be allowed for some exceptions. These exceptions will let orders to be filled at a price situated halfway between the bid and the ask.

Group 3: besides the conditions from group 2, these stocks will also have a “trade at” requirement.

What these all mean is that the spreads for the stocks belonging to these test groups will go from one to five cents, thus the name of the program: 5 cent tick pilot.

The program is very important as it will lead to many changes in the online stock trading. These changes might affect you if the stocks which you trade are in one of the three test groups.If you want to know whether the stocks that you are trading are going to suffer some changes, then check out this list .However, if you are interested in learning more about trading and want to learn some tips and tricks from our experts, or simply want see what is new in online trading, then follow Warrior Trading on Twitter.

How Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry

Today, beauty companies are struggling to comply with technological changes as consumers intertwine their beauty routines with new technologies. These companies have been forced to adapt various technologies in an attempt to attract the new wave of digital consumers.

In fact, beauty companies have begun to place technology at the center of their products; here’s how:

1.    Customer Service Has Been Transformed

Today, consumers have more options: online videos, skin diagnostic tools, and DNA testing.

One notable example is Panasonic’s Magic Mirror. This ‘magic mirror’ detects wrinkles, spots, or damage from the sun, using built-in cameras, then points out any flaws. Once it has analyzed the skin condition, it recommends various treatments or cosmetics.

The mirror is useful to consumers who need to make decisions about the value of skin creams or moisturizers. It can be used on cosmetic counters at malls or at local beauty shops to help customers choose the products that suit them best.

2.    Beauty Wearables are Creeping In

The beauty market is getting filled with wearables that are supposed to perform various functions. For example, in early 2016, a notable cosmetics company, L’Oréal, unveiled a stretchable skin sensor that can help its wearer monitor UV exposure.

The new invention came at a time when more people were getting concerned about the sun’s exposure. The heart-shaped patch, named My UV Patch, is a transparent adhesive that can be placed on any skin area that needs to be monitored. It contains photosensitive dyes that change color when one is exposed to UV rays.

3.    The Internet Has Provided More Possibilities

The internet has enabled beauty companies to connect with their consumers through online engagements, surveys, and online promotions. In the end, cosmeticians have learned their users’ behaviors, and they have used that information to better their offerings.

The internet has also benefited other industries like dental implant insurance. For example, an Ohio-based startup, named Beam Insurance, provides Internet-connected toothbrushes to policyholders in a bid to monitor their activities and to eliminate issues that may lead to high claims. This insurance company is hoping to transform dental insurance by creating an insurance plan that can retrieve data from customer’s toothbrushes.

4.    Shopping Has Been Transformed

Consumers have more payment options that guarantee convenience and security. Two notable examples are Apple Pay and Google Wallet. One company that adopted these latest technologies is Sephora. They collaborated with Apple to integrate Apple Pay into their app.

Delivery has also been enhanced. Amazon introduced a drone service that delivers products at the customer’s backyard. But cosmetic shoppers are known to be frugal and need to feel or touch products before purchasing.

This prompted L’Oréal to make an app. L’Oréal launched an application that uses the front camera to try makeup virtually. This app helps consumers who want to try out new make-up.

5.    Beauty Can be Customized

Consumers have the freedom to customize beauty, and this mostly applies to individuals who are not confident with make-up. Today, platforms like YouTube provide millions of beauty videos that provide insights into the best beauty practices.

However, beauty companies will need to use technology further to meet the demands of such consumers. For example, they can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze hair, color, skin tone, and various other preferences to make a customized product.


The leap in technology is evident in the beauty industry, and beauty companies are trying their best to keep up.